Stop hurting women with exercise!

04:25 11 July
Stop hurting women with exercise! Last week I saw a new client. Her story (unfortunately) is not unusual. Let’s call her Laura. Shock was just one of the emotions Laura felt when she felt and saw something push out of her vagina. With help of...
the way we train women

The Way We Train Women Is Changing

23:11 15 August
Women have 3 very distinctive differences, which if you are not being accommodated for will mean that YOUR client will find someone who does. Or worse! You could be potentially damaging them. Anatomical differences. This may seem obvious, but let us be blunt. Women have...
womens health

Is Women’s Health A Woman’s Job?

06:34 23 July
It is rare to see women in world leadership roles. And it is equally rare to see men in traditional female roles, such as midwifery and women’s health physiotherapy. Does this mean that our sex stops us performing these roles? A few might argue yes....
A change in direction...

mishfit to Curves!

06:33 25 December
Something really, really big has happened in my life the last few months. This is my story with Curves. Back in September a friend passed me an email from the Manager of Curves, Selina Bridge. Selina was looking for someone to fill the role of Business...
Don't KnowwhatProlapseis

Don’t know what prolapse is?

08:18 19 February
Don’t know what prolapse is? I didn’t either! Let me tell you about how I learned about it… About 14 years ago, I was in a pretty bad place. My husband had moved out and in with his girlfriend of 6 weeks, I was 7...