Am I POSH enough to have a Personal Shopper?

Am I posh enough to have a personal shopper_

Am I POSH enough to have a Personal Shopper?

Am I posh enough to have a personal shopper_

In my early 40’s, shopping for clothes turned from an enjoyable activity to well… not so enjoyable.

And here is why.

Firstly, my body started to change shape. Not like I grew another leg, more like a re-distribution and certainly a thickening. I can see the women who have gone before me – my mother and my grandmother… both very fit and active, thank goodness – but reminding me that the apple (in my case, no pear here!) does not fall far from the tree!

Secondly, moving up an age tick box, was mentally challenging my perceived ideas on “how” I should dress for my age. The dialogue in my head goes back and forth like this:

“You don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb”

“Oh that is such an outdated notion… I can wear anything I damn well want!”

“Yeah, but you don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb”

You get the idea.

And lastly… I have become increasingly time poor. When my babies were young, it was an activity to go to the Mall. It was a day out for everyone! But now, when I go shopping, I will allocate a very short space of time. Zip only to the shops I know and often my purchases are coupled with “That will have to do! That is the best I can find”.

But I am going to share with you my secret weapon!

I have been enlisting help of a Stylist… Melbourne’s leading stylist – Styled by Sally!

There was a time when a Personal Shopper or Personal Stylist was like a Personal Trainer… only in the realms of the rich and famous. But not anymore. And as I have found out, makes absolute sense.

It feels weird not to have gone through the usual frustration, body anxiety, self doubt (and possibly tears) that usually accompanies my clothes purchases.(1)

My two biggest fears about using the services of a stylist was that I was going to be turned into something that I am not and that I would leave looking like a version of myself, that Sally saw, rather than what I was comfortable with. And that my budget would blow out, as it often did when shopping with girlfriends.

Both could not be further from the truth.

And as Sally reminds me “clothes are clothes”

Sally is no clothes snob. She is just as comfortable shopping in Big W as she is in small and bespoke Melbourne designers. In fact before we had even hit the shops, Sally had me fill out an in-depth questionnaire which covers things like what you are looking for, your why and what your budget is.

Discussing this questionnaire over coffee, Sally deciphered a “need” list and a “wish” list. And then we went shopping.  Sally lives right in the heart of Melbourne, so she is familiar with pretty much everything there is in the city precinct. Melbourne changes so quickly, it was great to have someone who just knew where to go.

Sally’s skills as a stylist / personal shopper is that she is able to choose the shops that will have clothes that will best fit you and in your price range. For example… I love the clothes in Cue, but every time I try something on, it is like I am playing dress up in a ladies shop as all the cuts are much, much longer than me. (More about tailoring later).


Sally exposed me to shops that I would have never normally entered. And when we enter the store, my actions can be best described as a butterfly who launches from rack to rail exclaiming “Oh look, shiny and new! Shiny and new!”

Sally calmly navigates the shops, taking  away any guesswork, gathering up a number of garments and hanging them for me in the dressing room. And quickly eliminating those that do not Maximize My Assets.

It feels weird not to have gone through the usual frustration, body anxiety, self doubt (and possibly tears) that usually accompanies my clothes purchases.(1)

The strike rate is so amazing! It feels weird not to have gone through the usual frustration, body anxiety, self doubt (and possibly tears) that usually accompanies my clothes purchases. I now realise that the retail staff cause some of this stress. They leave me alone or semi-dressed wanting a different size in the changing room and you simply can’t depend on their opinion. Everything looks good they tell me, as they are more interested to flatter for the sale, rather than for my body. Sally is in and out, changing sizes, colours, picking up the discarded and hanging them back up.

Sally also shows me “how” to wear the clothes. For example, where the sleeves should be rolled to. What belt and what shoes. All of these details, when she shows me in the mirror make a huge difference. So much so, I can’t believe I haven’t seen these visual effects before, in what Sally calls Maximize My Assets! Sally also pairs the clothes, so there is very little wastage, but lots of mix and match, which is going to expand my wardrobe but not empty my wallet.

But the shopping joy does not end there. At check- out, I get to use Sally’s store cards, which at the very least gave 15% discount, but at another shop I received a whopping 35% discount.

At the end of my personal shopping experience, I had everything on my need list and thanks to store loyalty cards, money left in my budget to buy the shoes on my wish list!

And, I feel amazing.


The nitty gritty of being Styled by Sally:

  • Sally is the “voice of reason” She wont let you make a purchase that
  1. does not flatter you
  2. not on your need list first or
  3. is outside your budget
  • With over 10 years of experience, Sally has built relationships with stores, their staff and in smaller brands, their designers. Sally knows not only brands, but their cut, cost and quality. And unlike other stylists, Sally passes these exclusive stylist discounts on to her clients. (Insert clapping of hands here!)
  • The discounts I received from these loyalty cards, more than paid the $295 price tag of 2 hours of Sally’s shopping expertise
  • If things don’t exactly fit, Sally will take you directly to the tailor and pin it at exactly the place it needs to be to best flatter your shape. Sally knows all the tricks of the trade to Maximize Your Assets.
  • Where 10 or 20 years ago, people worked in retail fashion as a career, now mostly they are just people doing a job. They will not necessarily tell you honestly when something is flattering (or not, as the case may be). Very rarely they will style you to get the most out of the look. And in worse case scenarios, retail stall will feed off women’s insecurities and vulnerabilities in order to chase the sale.
  • Shopping with your girlfriends may be a wonderful pastime, but they are not above giving bad advice or encouraging you to spend outside your budget.
  • Sally also does wardrobe edits, which is a brilliant way to work out what pieces need to be on your need pile and an excuse to de-clutter!
  • Styled by Sally is now a team… so if she can’t fit you in, she has other stylists who also deliver a fantastic service

You can check out Sally’s full list of services here

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Would you love to experience a Styled by Sally Experience?

There are just 4 spots left on Sally’s special style workshop on Friday 9th September as part of the pre-summit of the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

Join Sally for an intimate Style Workshop, where you’ll be introduced to all the tips and tricks to help you shop like a pro. This session will include personal body shape assessment, evaluation of your individual needs, personal ‘how to shop for your shape’ style cards and a look through new season trends. Once you have the tools, the shopping begins!

Explore some out of the way shops in Melbourne CBD to investigate some new trends, try a new brand and style, or find those jeans you’ve been hunting for for years. The best part is you’ll have Sally right there beside you to ensure you’re making all the right decisions.

Cost: $145 per person (please note there is no expectation to purchase on the day)

Designed specifically for the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, Sally’s workshop is strictly limited to 8 participants. Follow up workshop dates will be announced at the summit for those who cannot attend on this date or miss out.

Book your spot today!

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