Angela Baker – mishfit Power Plate Trainer!

AngelaBakermishfitPT &

Angela Baker – mishfit Power Plate Trainer!

AngelaBakermishfitPT &

——–Message from Mish——–

I have known Angela since she came to me as a client not long after the birth of her first little girl – Talia. Angela regularly worked out with me using the Power Plate at mishfit HQ and during this time, she shared her vision of giving up her office job and working with women. Which is exactly what she has done in becoming a mishfit trainer!

Angela is now a fully qualified and experienced Power Plate Trainer and enjoys seeing women each week for a mixture or both strength and cardio training, using the plate and more traditional equipment.

Angela works out of mishfit HQ in Pascoe Vale South and welcomes your bubs and little ones too!

This is her story,



1. Tell us about your fitness journey to here:

Growing up, exercise is just what we did. We were encouraged to play sports and to generally be active. I played basketball for over 20 years and enjoyed every second of it. Besides having fun with my friends, I always loved that buzz you felt after a game. It was never a chore.

In my early 20’s (and after moving from the country to the city) I discovered the gym.. and found I had a real fascination with it and love for it! I wanted to know how everything worked, what muscles were used and what the potential results would be. This was a journey I stayed on for many years until having my kids. It was then I found Mish and realised there was so much more to know about a post natal body and the care that needed to be taken.

This then lead me to becoming a personal trainer for Mish, specialising in pre and post natal women.


2. What is the biggest difference between working incorporate and with the PT work you do now?

The differences between the corporate world and working as a personal trainer are immense! I survived the corporate world for almost 20 years, and have never been as happy at work as I am now.

I love the flexibility so i can schedule around the kids and family, I love meeting new people and helping them with their fitness goals, I love the conversations I get to have with other mums and I cant believe I am lucky enough to teach and instruct something I myself am so passionate about!


Talia & India

3. What do you think of the Powerplate?

I absolutely love the powerplate and whole body vibration. To me its one of the best tools to use. It can assist with strengthening the pelvic floor and building strength generally, giving faster results compared to a standard workout. Its also very versatile and can be a lot of fun!


4. What are you hopes and aspirations for the future?

My biggest hope of course is for my family to always be happy and healthy. Now that my youngest is getting older (nearly 2.5 years old) I hope we can get back into some overseas travel which has taken a back seat for a few years!

Work wise, I hope to continue on the journey I’m on. I want to keep meeting these wonderful women I get to train and keep having the lovely conversations that we do while we are working hard to achieve their goals.

5. Favourite quote?


Here are what some of Angela’s clients say about her as a mishfit PT:

‘I started seeing Ange shortly after having my 2nd child. During pregnancy I experienced pelvic instability which made it very difficult to exercise or even walk and whilst it was significantly better after having my baby I still had sensitivity and a weak pelvic floor. Through our PT sessions, Ange was great at working with me at my level and strengthening my pelvic floor and giving me my overall strength back. Now we are concentrating on my general fitness which is hard work but a lot of fun!’

Anita Maguire


‘Ange rocks! She understands exactly when to push me and when to support me, especially when i was 30 weeks pregnant! I love that our sessions are always different and still fun, even after 12 months. I look forward to them rather than dreading exercise. Thanks Ange for helping me find my skinny jeans after baby number 2!’

Hinda Smith

Mates Rates Holiday sessions!

Over the holidays, Ange will be offering discounted personal training sessions.

Prices are as follow:

30 minute one on one personal training sessions $30 per session (normally $40 minimum)
45 minute buddy personal training (you and a friend) $25 per person per session

(These special prices will expire on the 14th Feb!)

To book in or to find out more information, please contact Ange on 0408 105 359 or email

Founder & Director of mishfit

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