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To the BEST Mum – YOU!

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Quite a few years ago I was listening to talk back radio on a long road trip to help keep me awake and alert. The radio announcer was talking about relationships between estranged parents and children and was inviting people to call in and share...


Embracing the Suck!


I wrote last week in a newsletter (if you haven't signed up yet, why on earth not? HERE it is, and HERE is how to get signed up) about the pitfalls of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and the especially challenging areas that need to be...

more porridge ideas

More Porridge Ideas


You might remember this blog about porridge written by Donna from mishfit Geelong and our resident nutritionist. When I posted the blog on Facebook, it inspired others to share their own porridge pots. Erin from New Zealand was one such person...

Get adventurouswithporridge!

More Porridge Please!


Yes, I have an addiction and it involves my favourite meal of the day! It’s the meal that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that I am about to get my big fix of pure satisfaction and get my day off to an amazing...

I really LOVE yoga

I really LOVE yoga!


I mean, I really LOVE yoga. I love the way my body feels moving in different planes of movement as opposed to my normal movements – walking, sitting, lying I love feeling strong, or feeling my strength improving I love the bubble I create around myself I love that...

The eyes have it,but the nose, knows

Scent of life


When I first met Angela, I looked deep into her eyes and knew her to be a wise healer. Angela helped me through some difficult times, as well as helping to create the signature scent used in the 2015 Women's Health and Fitness Summit #NURTURE and again to...