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mishfit philosophy

mishfit is a personal training service that educates and provides safe exercise care to women who are pregnant or post-natal.

mishfit warmly welcomes all who don't enjoy the gym environment, and supports those who are struggling with their weight loss goals. mishfit caters specifically to women with pelvic instability, pelvic floor issues, diastasis (DRAM) and prolapses.

mishfit trainers are pregnant and postnatal specialists and our programs are tailored to your specific needs and we are guided by Women's Health Physiotherapists. And, our sessions are child and baby friendly.

Bring your children for free!

We offer many training options for pregnant and post-natal women:

We would love you to join us. Why don't you join us for a free trial and experience mishfit for yourself?

Please note that not all training options are available at all mishfit locations. Contact your nearest mishfit to find out more.



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