Casual versus formal writing


Casual versus formal writing


Blogging regularly provides direct lines back to our business and helps not only SEO, but for our customers to see, like and trust us. I have written before about the importance of blogging authentically and regularly here and here.

I don’t think this is disputed.

So what really stops us?

It could be those nagging voices inside that say something like:

  • “I don’t know enough”
  • “There are many more people who are more expert than me”
  • “My opinion won’t be of interest to others”
  • “I can’t write like other people”

And then we sit down to write our blog and the blank screen blinks back at us. Suddenly we struggle with how our opinion will be interpreted and in turn doubt our voice. And this paralysis stops us from being the content creators we want to be.

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Quote from Thea who completed the Written Words of Influence Workshop in April

I think that many of us have grown up with the writing of “experts” being formal. This means the writing structure is text heavy with terminology. Because this is what we had to read in order to learn the things we now know.

But let’s go back to the purpose of a blog… it is for our customers to know, like and trust us.

Writing your content text heavy with your industry terminology is only one way to establish yourself as the expert. And certainly in some industry areas this is more important than others. However, don’t discount the casual approach. Using a casual voice means you can write much more freely… in fact, you can write just as you would explain to someone in conversation.

Over the last couple of decades this casual approach has reached into most areas – we see people wearing jeans at the Opera, mainstream TV shows dropping the f-bomb, and real people becoming the face of big companies.

It is completely ok to use a casual voice in your blog and to share your opinion.

In fact… the biggest mistake I see in blogs is that they try to be too technical to show case their skills, instead of relating personally to me, the reader. And I read a blog, follow on Instagram and listen to podcasts, because these are the avenues where I get to see the person behind the brand, understand their thinking and by doing this – know, like and trust them.

So here are my 3 biggest blog writing tips, so that your audience can know, like and trust you:

  1. Use your voice. Over time you will become more confident with it and it will feel natural. Just do it.
  2. Although a casual voice is perfectly acceptable – don’t compromise your quality of information
  3. Our consuming habits of content has changed… so using images, lists, and paragraphs to break up content is paramount to keep your reader engaged… Remember… Too Long, Didn’t Read is real!

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Quote from SallyRose who completed the Written Words of Influence Workshop in April

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