summer bodies

Summer Bodies!


Gearing up for Summer bodies… and beyond! It’s that time of the year! With a sniff of warmer weather come the avalanche of fitness catch cry’s: “A bikini body in 8 weeks!” “21 day body transformation!” “Get your best Summer body yet!” A kick start to your fitness regime is great,...

more porridge ideas

More Porridge Ideas


You might remember this blog about porridge written by Donna from mishfit Geelong and our resident nutritionist. When I posted the blog on Facebook, it inspired others to share their own porridge pots. Erin from New Zealand was one such person...

I really LOVE yoga

I really LOVE yoga!


I mean, I really LOVE yoga. I love the way my body feels moving in different planes of movement as opposed to my normal movements – walking, sitting, lying I love feeling strong, or feeling my strength improving I love the bubble I create around myself I love that...


March is Endometriosis month


I had the priviledge of meeting Heba, as she was one of The Platform Presenters of The Women's Health and Fitness Summit in 2015 and she totally rocked the stage on a very important subject of hypertonic pelvic floor - which is WAY more common...