Cutting through the social media bullsh*t

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Cutting through the social media bullsh*t

It is not only coming up to my 12 month anniversary as a business owner but also as an ‘active’ user of Facebook. I joined Facebook 2 years earlier but could count on one hand the number of times I had scrolled down my news feed.

Over the last 12 months I have discovered many wonderful pages to follow but equally as many questionable ones.

It totally alarms me the number of people out there dishing out fitness and nutrition advice without having any qualification or valid reasoning behind their statements.

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Remember at school when you had to reference your sources for an opinion piece to ‘back up’ an argument? It was totally mind numbing ‘extra’ work. But as my lecturers would point out, totally necessary to validate a point.

Unfortunately the advent of social media has allowed anyone to state they are experts in a chosen field without any need to ‘back up’ claims and advice. It does appear that if you happen to ‘look good’ or have celebrity status that you are absolutely trustworthy regardless of being devoid of any true credentials.

On the flip side though thankfully there are also many credible, qualified and well educated professionals that work within their scope of practice. 

It is these professionals rightly pointing out that there is no one way to be fit and healthy and remove themselves from the one size fits all philosophy. Great advice!

The questionable characters make you believe it’s ‘my way or the highway’ with no room for differences in the needs of individuals. These fitness and nutrition ‘cowboys’ fill our newsfeeds with utter garbage, but are sometimes so convincing that you wonder why you even need a qualification.

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There are some wonderful health and wellness writers and bloggers on social media. Those that deserve the most respect will reference studies, gain their information from credible sources or share their experiences and acknowledge that it is anecdotal evidence.


When social media meets Fitness and Nutrition it is difficult to work out what to believe and who to follow.

What is important is to always question where the advice has come from and whether you trust the source.


Especially, when it comes to the weight loss industry. Fast weight loss is simply not sustainable. But perhaps more worryingly are the guru’s gone wrong like the unfortunate case of The Wellness Warrior Jess Ainscough  or worse still the fraudster Belle Gibson who made millions claiming her diet cured cancer.

I would like to share some of my favourite (and credible) GURUS:

Thinking Nutrition –  Dr Tim Crowe from Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at Monash University shares latest nutrition facts and fads.

Nutrition Guru and the Chef

The Dietitian’s Pantry

ESSA – Exercise Sport Science Association

Pear Exercise Physiology: Pregnancy and Women’s health

and one of our personal favourites at mishfit…

The Moderation Movement

Who are your credible favourites?


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