Do you suffer Blog writing Paralysis?


Do you suffer Blog writing Paralysis?


You know you should be doing it…

Blogging is an excellent way for you to connect with your audience and give them an opportunity to re-visit your website. Because of this, blogging is a powerful SEO tool and Google will reward you for continually creating new content. Your blog is also a great source of social media fodder – again, creating relevant written and visual content for your target market.

So then… what’s stopping you?

There are a number of reasons that stop us from blogging regularly

  • being time poor
  • not knowing what to write about
  • writing too much or too little
  • staring at that blank screen / not knowing how to start
  • believing it is just too bloody hard!

For many people, the last time they wrote regularly was at school or uni and the memories and beliefs around writing and our ability to write effectively are often negative and debilitating!


Next date- Sat 18th Feb

The writing landscape has changed considerably since we were last taught to write. I spent my first career teaching people how to write, how to feel confident with their voice and helping them get over the fear of the big blank page. Writing through the medium of a personal or business blog is now easier than ever before.

Combining my 10 years of running two businesses, managing social media over a number of platforms and with my skills as a writing teacher, I have created a very manageable and simple 5 step method to make blog writing* super easy. Through this process you will find out that the writing part is only a small and manageable part of the process. And in little as an hour per week, you will be able to not only create a blog, but also have content for your social media and newsletters.

Using my simple 5 step method also means you can create unique content that you will be able to share with others – online magazines, news sites, other bloggers and websites. This will drive further traffic to your website, social media platforms and your data base.


The next full day course at will be held in Coorparoo, Brisbane on Saturday 19th August

Cost: $175

You will leave with:

  • a clear idea of your audience
  • a content list – you will never be stuck for a topic again!
  • tips and tricks to quickly and effectively write your blog
  • your first finished blog!
  • what social media platforms are best for you and your audience
  • how to use your content in many, many ways!
  • how to convert your blog to social media images / content
  • how to get your content published elsewhere
  • a full belly – because I love cooking and will provide morning, afternoon tea and lunch!

Spots at the table are limited to 6 and I promise you will not be disappointed!

This course is perfect for all industries (not limited to the fitness industry) and also for those who do not have a blog or website (yet).

*I refer to this as blog writing – but if you prefer vlogs, this process is still suitable!

Get in touch via and book your place asap!

Mish x

PS. this course is not limited to those who work in health and fitness industry!

Founder & Director of mishfit

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