Who we help

We work with ALL women!

We are not limited to the mums’n’bubs … we recognise that woman at all ages and stages of life either:

a. don’t enjoy a traditional gym setting

b. feel like their individual needs are being met!

Many women are just simply missed out in our traditional fitness or exercise options, because these options have been created on men, for men, by men.

Does this mean that women can’t train like men? Absolutely not! However, because of anatomical and hormone differences and DRAM (the split of the tummy muscles that happens to many women during pregnancy) sometimes these traditional exercise options simply do not FIT for women!

Each mishfit franchise or aligned trainer offers a variety of options – including Group sessions, Whole Body Vibration Training or EVEolution™ … but rest assured…. we will always start with a conversation with you – to find out exactly what you need!


EVEolution™ is a REVOLUTION in women’s health and fitness!

Everyone agrees that a pregnant woman needs a modified training programme, but what happens when she has the baby?

Post natal women need specific care and training advice and a woman is considered postnatal until she hits the next major hormone cycle change, menopause! We know that the postnatal issues often don’t go away when baby is 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or even 16 years old!

At mishfit we have created a 10 week education/fitness class which covers other factors that have a huge impact on postpartum life, such as:

  • recovery post birth
  • hormones
  • toileting habits
  • hydration
  • nutritian
  • self image…. and more!

At mishfit, we are passionate about safe exercise and education. We don’t believe that you have to be incontinent and we want to minimise your risk of prolapse*

EVEolution can be used as group training, small group or Personal Training and WILL make a huge difference to a woman’s life!

If you would like to find your nearest mishfit EVEolution programme, please click here.

If you are a Personal Trainer and would like to know more about running the EVEolution training programme, please click here.

*Prolapse affects 50% of postnatal women according to statistics from Continence Foundation of Australia. You can read more about prolapse here.