Exercise during pregnancy

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Yes it is. Your body provides the best guidelines. If any exercise doesn’t feel right, or it causes pain, them you need to stop or modify the exercise. To avoid pelvic instability, replace lunges with squats. Regulate your body temperature by putting on a sweatshirt if it’s cold, or taking it off if it’s hot.

How long before giving birth should I stop exercising?

Never stop pelvic floor exercises. Stopping a formal exercise programme will depend on how heavy and uncomfortable you feel. However keeping fit throughout the whole of your pregnancy is not only good for avoiding unnecessary weight gain, but great for mental health as well.

I have pelvic instability. What should I do about it?

Adopt the “tight mini skirt, no knickers” approach. Swing both legs together when getting out of bed or out of the car. Avoid lunges or stairs. Seek help from a wonen’s health physio. Exercise under the guidance of a specialist (e.g. mishfit mothers)eo.

I read on the internet that I need to keep my heart rate under 120 beats per minute. How can I manage this?

We love guidelines! But we are all different. Women start their pregnancies at different levels of fitness. General rule of thumb: maintain the ability to talk during exercise. If you are too puffed to chat, ease up.

What is diastasis?

It is when the rectus abdominus muscles spilt in the later stages of pregnancy. It happens to around 60% of women.

What is mishfit mothers and why is it different to other personal training options?

mishfit mothers is a specialist group fitness programme for pregnant and post-natal women. It not only caters to your specific needs during pregnancy, but aims to educate you through each phase. Make sure you check in and tell your mishfit trainer what week you are at in your pregnancy and any unusual aches and pains. Variations of each exercise will be fully explained to you to enable you to work at the level you are able.

Exercise after pregnancy

When should I start exercising after giving birth?

Commencing pelvic floor exercise the day of giving birth is highly recommended. For vaginal delivery births, you can start training after your six-week check. If you’ve had a caesarean, you can start after eight weeks, or after you have had the all clear from your obstetrician.

I've gained extra kilos. What's the fastest way to lose them?

Getting advice on how to eat healthily while consuming enough calories to maintain milk supply is important. That’s why we have the complete care package that includes the services of a dietitian to help guide you and offer advice.

I have diastasis. What should I do about it?

A mishfit trainer will assess your separation and advise you of any modifications you might need to make to your training. If separation is over two centimetres we will ask you to avoid any twisting or oblique work.

mishfit trainers will remind you to monitor any “doming” — when your insides pop through. Taking up the mishfit basic care package is highly recommended to help with this issue.

How can I get my pre-pregnancy figure back quicker?

Mish believes that working smarter, rather than harder is the answer to a fast return of your pre-natal body. Being aware of your postural habits and finding ways to include incidental exercise as well as re-programming the body to work correctly are all strategies that will see your body return to a much healthier state and keep you in balance for the long term.

I'm still suffering from pelvic instability. What can I do about it?

A women’s health physio provided through the mishfit basic care package will provide not only relief, but specific advice. It is important to take the pregnancy options given in mishfit mothers classes.

SRC recovery shorts will also provide wonderful support and relief.

What is mishfit mothers and why is it different to other personal training options?

mishfit mothers is a specialist group personal training programme for pregnant and post-natal women. After your delivery and when you have received the okay to train from your doctor, it aims to provide you with the right exercises and techniques to help you get back into shape, as well as helping to prevent and solve common post-natal issues like diastasis.

mishfit mothers

What is mishfit mothers and why is it different to other personal training options?

mishfit mothers is a group personal training programme for pregnant and post-natal women. After your delivery and when you have received the okay to train from your doctor, it aims to provide you with the right exercises and techniques to help you get back into shape, as well as helping to prevent and solve common post-natal issues like diastasis.

How long are the sessions?

mishfit mothers sessions run for one hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first session, as you will be required to fill out a registration, health and medical form.

Alternatively, you can down load the appropriate form for pregnant or post-natal women, print and fill it out and bring it along on the day.

Can I bring my baby or other children?

Yes please! All babies, toddlers and children are welcome – there is a safe play area, bouncy chairs or places to park your pram.

mishfit trainers will do their best to allow you to have a workout and happy to give all little ones a cuddle!

If you need to stop and breast feed or re-assure your little one, that is completely ok too.

If your child is having a bad hair day, it is ok… as mums we all know how this feels. Nobody will judge!

Do I need to do anything before I arrive at my first session?

You will be emailed a Health and Registration form, or you can down load a post-natal one here or a pregnant one here. We have them at the studio, but usually it is easier to fill it out at home and bring them along.

If you have any special conditions, you need to make sure the mishfit trainer is aware of this before the session starts.

If you have recently become pregnant, you will need to disclose this to the trainer (it’s ok if you haven’t shared your news with anyone else, we are really good at keeping your secret… we just want to make sure you are exercising safely for your changed conditions!)

What do I need to bring?

Dress comfortably, bring a water bottle and a small towel if needed.

Can I try a session to see if I like it?

Yes! We offer a free trial. And your babies and/or kids are also welcome!

We believe a free trial is the best way to see if it works for you.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the location of mishfit mothers, so your mishfit trainer will be able to give you the exact cost. You have several purchasing options.

Single classes can be purchased, as well as packs of classes.

The more you buy the cheaper it becomes.

How do I book a session?

You first (free trial) session will be booked for you by your mishfit trainer as we like to make sure we know if you have any special needs or circumstances. After that, should you choose to join us, booking a session is completely up to you.

We have a very easy to use online system and you have complete control of booking or cancelling. You also have the ability to see how many are in each session, so if you have a flexible timetable, you might be able to choose a smaller class size.

What payment options are available?

Payment can be made via credit card via the mishfit online booking system. If you would like to pay cash, your mishfit trainer will email you a receipt.

Please note that cheques are not accepted.

What happens if I need to cancel my session?

It is easy to cancel your session via the mishfit online booking system. Please note that if you cancel within 4 hours you will be charged as if you have attended. Cancelling outside that 4 hour period means that another mother has time to organise her family and can attend.

mishfit care packages

What are the mishfit care packages?

mishfit is committed to a holistic approach to your health and we are passionate about pelvic floor understanding and awareness.

The mishfit basic care package is a one off trip to a mishfit-aligned women’s health physiotherapist where you will have an ultra sound and see your pelvic floor and transverse (deep core muscle) contract on screen. You will benefit from much stronger activation and understanding of both of these muscles after your visit. Also the women’s health physio will email a report to your mishfit trainer about your session. If there are any specific exercises recommended by the physio, your mishfit trainer will be able to make sure you do them correctly. There will be time at each mishfit session to practice what the women’s health physio has recommended.

The mishfit complete care package includes the mishfit basic care package (explained above) with the addition of a visit to an aligned dietitian who will support you with your weight loss goals or help diagnose any food intolerances.

How do I book a mishfit care package?

Once payment has been made online via the mishfit online booking system, your mishfit trainer will email you the details of the physio and/or dietitian, as well as some info for you to fill out and take along with you. You are responsible for making an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and they will expecting to hear from you!

Can I get a rebate from my health insurance?

Yes, you should receive a cash back payment or an invoice from the physiotherapist or dietitian that you can then take to your private health insurers.

mishfit in the community

Will you sponsor our school/mothers group?

mishfit loves to be involved in the community to

a) get more mums active and

b) give education of pre and post natal exercise, including the importance of pelvic floor health.

mishfit donates 5 packs of mishfit mothers sessions (valued at $100) to your fund raising event.

mishfit trainers also give free talks to your mothers group, which covers subjects such as pelvic floor health, diastasis and appropriate post-natal exercise. We delight in answering all your tricky questions and promise a few giggles!

Can I feature mishfit or Mish in my magazine/radio show/blog/TV show?

Mish loves sharing the news about pelvic floor health and was recently dubbed by Channel 31’s Inspirational Women as the Pelvic Floor Queen! If you would like to have a charismatic character explaining your bits clearly, then Mish is your person and please get in touch!

If you would like to share her blogs or articles…you are very, very welcome. All we ask is that you credit Mish and we even have a prepared blurb that you can use.

mishfit online booking system

How do I access the online booking system?

On the home page of the mishfit website you will see a drop down menu under client log-in. Choose your mishfit location. If it is your first time accessing the system, you will need to spend a few seconds creating a log-in and password.

How do I sign up to use the online booking system?

An account will be created for you when you first use any mishfit service. Once you have your own log-in you can access your account at any time to book or cancel sessions or classes, purchase products or care packages or to check how many sessions you have left.

Can’t I just ring my mishfit trainer to book in?

Yes you can. However, we do encourage clients to organise their own bookings. For personal training, it is provided on a first in, first served basis, so if you know your preferred time, we encourage you to book it immediately.

How do I change my password or other details?

It is very easy and you just have to follow the online prompts.

What information is stored on the online booking system?

The mishfit online booking system is provided by MindBodyOnline, who are responsible for securing any personal details. MindBodyOnline is PCI-compliant, meaning they adhere to industry standards for storing credit card details securely.

The details you filled in on your Health and Registration Form are stored on this service, along with any purchase history. You have the choice to store your credit card details, or not, to be used for future purchases.

Active pelvic practice CDs

When should I use the active CD versus the passive CD?

The active CD has been designed as a short practice (it is just 10 mins long) and can be enjoyed daily. Start by just sitting and listening, so you can concentrate carefully on the instructions. Graduate to standing and listening/practicing. After a short time you should be able to multi-task and it can be used in a variety of situations – loaded on your iPod while you go for a walk, or work out at the gym, while you are working at home or even in the car while doing the school drop off!

Who is the voice on the CDs?

Sara Brooke is the voice of Active Pelvic Practice – the gift of inner strength. She is a beautiful meditation teacher and runs a practice called The Space in Between – which offers meditation classes, reiki therapy, Theta healing and vision board workshops.

You can find out more about her here.

mishfit website

What personal information is stored on the website?

At this stage, no personal information is stored on the mishfit website. Some information is stored on the mishfit online booking system, via the MindBodyOnline service. This information includes details provided on the Health and Registration form. You have a choice to store your credit card details or not, for use with future purchases. MindBodyOnline adheres to the PCI industry standard for secure credit card storage.

Will you sell my details to other companies?

Absolutely not.

How do I remove my email address from your mailing list?

We don’t believe in spamming our clients and if you no longer wish to receive our newsletters and updates, click the unsubscribe button provided on the email.

What is your privacy policy?

The mishfit privacy policy is detailed here.