“Feel Your Passion”

Feel Your Passion (1)

“Feel Your Passion”

Feel Your Passion (1)

“If you’re going to work with motion – you have to be passionate about it. What you learn… gift it to your clients.”

  • Robin Kerr, 2017 *Presenter Connect* series

I first heard of Robin Kerr through Ian O’Dwyer.

Ian made a point of telling me that I absolutely must have Robin present at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit. Ian told me that unlike some in the fitness industry, Robin was not one to blow her own trumpet. However, he believed her to be one of the most talented, well researched and knowledgeable people he had met. Robin has no ego, he said. Check her out Mish.

So I did.

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It has taken me a long time to not feel judged by some Physiotherapists. Some of that may have been imagined and self imposed, and the rest is probably real. This has taught me to be super vigilant about what I write and say, constantly monitoring my scope of practice framework and practicing transparency. I welcome any and all Allied Health Professionals into my studio to see how I work. Many have taken me up on it and 100% of those have left respecting my professionalism and intellectual integrity.

However, when I sat with Robin for the first time for that coffee in Carlton, there was (refreshingly) no need to justify who I was, what I did, why I did it. I was her equal. Robin candidly told me her view of the world and how it had impacted on her work and what it had taught her. She was an open book and generous with her wisdom.

From that meeting Robin agreed to present at the 2015 Women’s Health  and Fitness Summit and what I learnt from that session, I have integrated into my work and now teach on a daily basis to my clients. It was that practical. And not just for me being a Fit Pro, but also for fellow physiotherapists.

This *Presenter Connect* interview video – hosted by our 2017 WHFS Ambassador – Kylianne Farrell explores much much more of Robin and her journey to where she is today and key factors that have shaped both her and her work.

During this interview, Robin shares her life long love affair with movement and how it was the trigger for her to start talking. She was a non- talker till she was five years old.


Robin also talks candidly (as she does with all things) about her own pelvic floor trauma and the difficult decision she made to have mesh surgery and how this impacts on her life today.

Vaginal mesh has been inserted into around 100,000 Australian women since 2000 to provide support for prolapsed organs and incontinence. However, vaginal mesh is shaping up to be the biggest medical scandal since thalidomide in the 1950’s and 60’s. Not least of which is the fact that the products received TGA status without full and proper pre-market clinical testing.

The current litigation process is revealing the full extent of the absolute cock up around vaginal mesh implants, which is reported to affect around 16,000 Australian women. The horror show continues as not all of the surgical products known to cause harm have been removed from the market.

This medical catastrophe which impacts a woman’s ability to move, have sex and live pain free… makes me so very angry and so very, very sad. It also re-affirms the importance of supporting women at risk of pelvic floor dysfunction. And learning approaches to better improve pelvic floor function, especially in motion.

When we know better, we do better

Robin has a long history of questioning the accepted and challenging herself to know more and be a better practitioner. Her session on Saturday with Antony will be about challenging the dogma bus of what we currently believe, what we think and what we’ve previously done.

robin 3

Robin promises that we need to be prepared for a shake-up on Saturday! But the practical session on Sunday will be about putting it all back together. I am sure we will leave enriched with strategies that we can apply right away in our own practice.

The theme of this year’s WHFS is DARE.

I #DARE you to join me, Kylianne, Robin and all the other presenters to re-think, to imagine and to create a new landscape of women’s health and fitness in Australia.

P.S. And our presenters want to meet you and connect with you in real time and I completely agree with Robin, when she said:

“I don’t link up with people, until I meet people”

Enjoy the full interview here:

Some sessions at the WHFS have limited numbers – it is strictly first in, first serve. Don’t delay and miss out!

If you would like to join Robin and Antony 2 part session, you can book in Here.

You can check out the rest of the timetable Here.

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To learn more about Kylianne – our WHFS17 Ambassador, click on the image below:

Kylianne Farrell


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