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Michelle Wright

mishfit HQ

Mish is the founder and CEO of mishfit. mishfit mothers is a specialised personal training program designed for pregnant and post-natal women, educating women on how to exercise safely and where their babies and children are welcome.                                                                                           


Thea Baker

Thea Baker Fitness

Thea is the owner of the mishfit Ringwood franchise. Thea is a passionate, competitive swimmer and mother of two beautiful little people and is the first mishfit franchisee. Thea really enjoys to see the way that mothers and children come together in mishfit mothers sessions not only to work up a sweat, but also to support and encourage each other in their journeys of motherhood and exercise.


Donna Ahearn

mishfit Geelong

Donna is the extremely proud owner of mishfit Geelong. Donna is super mum to 3 not so little people and is driven by a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle as a role model to her children. Donna is determined to educate and encourage women to love exercising safely and comfortably at all stages of life by providing a specialist service for all women to feel empowered to achieve optimal health.


Kath Caldow

mishfit Northern Victoria

Kath is the first owner of a rural mishfit franchise located in Northern Victoria. As the mother of four young children Kath understands how difficult it can be to exercise. Kath is passionate about giving the skills and the power back to rural women who would normally miss out on access to quality pre and postnatal fitness education


Rachel Kassulke

mishfit Greensborough

Rachel is a personal trainer in Greensborough who has recently moved from Sydney. She is constantly on the move being an army wife, and exercise and nutrition are part of her day to day life. She and her husband (and their dog max!) value holidays and family time, and travel as often as they can!


Mel Milner

mishfit Moonee Ponds

Mel is the owner of mishfit studio Moonee Ponds. Mel is a smiling, active personal trainer and mother to two active children. She encourages her clients to work hard, but safely and her favourite question is “Is that challenging enough for you?” She loves to watch the journey women make from not exercising to becom ing regular exercisers and loving it !


Julie Moore

mishfit Mornington

Julie is a practicing registered midwife and brings mishfit services to Mornington. She never ceases to be amazed at not only how beautiful the female body is, but also how strong and powerful it is during pregnancy, labour and childbirth. A very keen runner, Julie regularly participates in marathons. She balances this with chocolate and wine.                                                                                                  


Andrea Tye

mishfit Northcote

Andrea is incredibly driven and has many feathers in her cap. She was looking for a new direction and although not a Personal Trainer – she has always been a lover of exercise and women’s health.

She hopes to help other women feel confident and be the best they can be.


Helen Rintoul

EVEolution East Bentleigh

Helen is a mum of 5 and worked in the Health Industry for 30 years, recently giving it up to study fitness with a special interest in Women’s Health. Over the years Helen came to appreciate how much women need other women and that unfortunately care of ourselves tends to come last.

Her aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can come together to exercise safely, laugh a bit (maybe even cry a bit) and be supported by each other.


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