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Michelle Wright

mishfit HQ

Mish is the founder and CEO of mishfit. Mish works from her studio located at Pascoe Vale South and is dedicated to educating, building confidence and giving women strategies on how to work out safely with their unique set of circumstances.

This might include early postnatal, incontinence, prolapse, hyper-topnic pelvic floor, birth injuries… and generally all the things that are over looked in the fitness industry.

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Donna Ahearn

mishfit Geelong

Donna is the extremely proud owner of mishfit Geelong. Donna is super mum to 3 not so little people and is driven by a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle as a role model to her children. Donna is determined to educate and encourage women to love exercising safely and comfortably at all stages of life by providing a specialist service for all women to feel empowered to achieve optimal health.

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