I am officially peri-menopausal

1 peri-menopause

I am officially peri-menopausal

1 peri-menopause

I recently turned 47.

And I find myself in some sort of no mans land.

Or should I say no woman’s land. I am not going through menopause, but yet I have moved from my “mummy” status defining me and what I do.

Things have changed and here is a list of them:

  • I have regular periods, but there are distinct hormonal shifts in my body
  • I have had periods of anxiety, something I have never experienced before
  • My waist is thickening – the battle against the apple shape of my mother and Grandmother is real
  • In the morning I have aches and pains, not major… just new
  • I pluck. And not just my eye brows


You see I have moved out of the “Yummy Mummy” category and into the “Invisible Woman” zone.


I am officially what you call peri-menopausal.

Yet, they are pretty horrible words. In fact they sound a bit like the shit that sticks to the bottom of your shoe.

Technically, peri-menopause represents the years in the lead up to menopause. Menopause is a term loaded with loss. Loss of periods. Loss of reproduction. Loss of youth. Even though many women have been re-defining this era in their lives as a time of freedom, these words are weighted with negativity, in a world obsessed with youth and beauty.

And because these words don’t sit well with me, I have been on a search for others that make a better fit.

Have you ever thought about the words that are missing from our language?

For example – when you loose a spouse, you are a widow or widower. When you loose your parents, you are an orphan. However, there is no name for loosing a child.


I have concluded that there is a lack of words to adequately describe peri- menopause. The symptoms are vague, but real. The shift is happening. And I know I am not the only one.

Does this also describe you?

And if so… what words do you describe your stage of life with?


I am determined to embrace my transition into menopause… and the only way to do this is to arm myself with as much information as I can. And I want to learn from the best…

And there is a lot that can be learned from this woman – Jessica Drummond

I am thrilled that she is going to be joining us at this year’s Women’s Health and Fitness Summit to talk about Using Fitness, Lifestyle and Nutrition Strategies to address Common Peri-menopausal Concerns.

Jessica will also be taking a full day pre-summit on Friday 27th October – Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine in Peri-menopause – which I am super excited about going to!

If you don’t know who Jessica is – please take a few moments to get to know her via this video in our *Presenter Connect* series.

It will be Jessica’s first time to Australia and I am thrilled to have her at our event this year… as you can see from this video, Jessica has absolute GOLD to share with us!

Onwards and upwards ladies!

Founder & Director of mishfit

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