Imposter Syndrome – Strategies to deal with it

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Imposter Syndrome – Strategies to deal with it

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Imposter Syndrome… What is it? And strategies to help deal with it.

Recently I was invited to present as part of the Women In Leadership Luncheon at FitEx, New Zealand. This is the annual fitness convention that I have had the absolute honour and privilege to share my love of women’s health and business to a very grateful and receptive audience. The kiwi’s!

As part of being asked onto the panel of the WIL lunch, I was asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation which would inspire, help or support other women in the fitness industry to reach their full potential. I ruminated plenty on what I would talk about. I certainly had attended many of these events myself, as part of the audience, and knew the only time I had been fully engaged with the speaker (usually someone I admired greatly) was when they would share their own vulnerability with me.

I immediately knew the area of my own vulnerability which stuck out the most. Stuck out like the proverbial dog’s balls. And it is something that I think I cover up quite well… even though I know that there are many others who (and especially women) who are similarly afflicted.

And this is Imposter Syndrome.

And this is my presentation.

2017 FitEx Women In Leadership


“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realise just how seldom they do”

Eleanor Rooservelt


Thank you for the introduction and thank you for inviting me onto this panel today. Women in Leadership. What an honour to be here.

And listening to my bio and being here must indicate to you that I am a leader.

That I am successful.

However, I would like to share something with you today.

The drive that I possess that has accumulated the list of achievements pinned to my name – comes less from wanting to achieve and more from wanting to make small the thoughts that I battle with. And sometimes on a daily basis. These are:

Thoughts that I am not successful enough.

Thoughts are that I have not achieved enough.

That I have not learned enough.

That I am not thin enough.


That I am not enough.


I suffer from imposter syndrome.

And probably have for most of my life.

imposter syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is defined in 1978 as:

A concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalise their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”

For me, Impostor Syndrome  drives me to do more – accomplish more. I am often on to my next big project / idea / revolution to change the world, without taking a moment to acknowledge the last project.

I don’t just start a fitness business. I start a franchise.

I don’t just organise a meeting for Women’s Health physiotherapists and fitness professionals to connect. I create the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

Imposter Syndrome Triggers

Sometimes the most common and reasonable acts can trigger a physical fear response. Opening an email, a meeting request or even returning a call. Imposter syndrome has fore told me that I have done something wrong. I have been found out and now I am going to be confronted about it. The triggered fear response can range from shallow breathing to a sick feeling deep in my tummy. Or even a physical response of clenching my butt cheeks!

I am a fraud and now they know.

It will not be of surprise that Imposter Syndrome is more prevalent with women.

Imposter Syndrome STOPS us from reaching our full potential.

Giving Imposter Syndrome a name, gives it an identity. When something has an identity – you can then address it.

Then the dedication put into feeling inferior, can be re-directed to learn strategies to deal with this.

Today, I am going to share 3 ways that I have learned to address Imposter Syndrome:

Serve others:

serve othersNow you might think, “But I do that every day!” But this is different. I want you to go a step further. Precisely at that moment that your thoughts start the tail spin of “I am not enough” and you feel the triggered fear response – change that energy right there and then.

Serve others right now at this point.

Run through your list of clients / family / friends / new connections – there will be someone who is going something right now, that will really appreciate to hear from you right now. Send them a text message. Call them. If you make and do (like me – I love to cook) make and do for them.

I promise you this one works – and now I have shared this with you and you get a random act of kindness from me – you can think gee Mish is so thoughtful… or perhaps… she is being practical and dealing with her imposter syndrome. (Though I do genuinely care about your well-being!)

The Stories of Others:

the power of story

Look to the stories of others.

For me, it is the story of women who have done great things. These women and their stories are often omitted from history, from our popular culture. I do this by listening to podcasts, read books, watch films about women well known. Though don’t limit yourself to just these stories. There are hero’s everywhere.

Have conversations with regular people… and ask them questions. Their stories, their words, their hardships, their success and their failures remind me that life is never simple or perfect… Life is messy, it’s complicated and it’s diverse.

The stories of others validate my own messiness.

Invest in the stories of those who have achieved great things. Remember, they did so by showing up. Rather than giving up.

Ask for Help and Guidance:

askThose who suffer from Imposter Syndrome can often be described as serial helpers. However, it can just feel uncomfortable to be helped. Brene Brown is a research professor who has spent nearly 20 years studying shame, vulnerability, courage and authenticity. If you have not hear of her, I recommend starting off with this TED talk that has been watched by 32,000,000 views. A few of those are my own.

Her words have talked me down from many a ledge and her latest book, Braving the Wilderness, published early 2017 I have listened repeatedly via audible. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Brene, a serial helper herself writes: “When you cannot accept help without self judgment… you are never giving help without self judgment”

brene brown

Allowing others to help you in is in effect, sharing your vulnerability. Sharing your vulnerability enables you to be brave, take risks and kick Imposter Syndrome in the arse!

And I would like to share a final quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, whom has achieved amazing things many people around the world. Eleanor used her position as First Lady of the United States and then as a delegate on the United Nations to impact greatly on the lives of others.

However, Eleanor has also experienced great hardship – her parents both died by the time she was 10. She loved and married a distant cousin (hence she didn’t have to change her name) who had a long time (and well known affair) with his secretary called Lucy Mercer. Eleanor lived with this in order to preserve her husbands political position. She also become his carer when Teddy suddenly contracted an infantile paralysis and left him without the use of his legs.

Eleanor redefined the position as First Lad or FLOTUS and that was not without staunch criticism, which was routinely given around the roles of women at the time. It would seem by all accounts, the older she got… the less she cared. In fact, #shepersisted.

Eleanor Roosevelt said;

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Founder & Director of mishfit

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  • Amy03 December 2017

    Thank you Mish – I truly have imposter syndrome and bury / spread myself sooooo thin trying to do more, know more, be more. Definitely going to take these tips on board and get listening to these podcasts x

  • admin03 December 2017

    Yes… do and let me know how it goes!
    Mish x

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