Jessica Drummond Gold

Jessica Drummond gold

Jessica Drummond Gold

Jessica Drummond gold

Sometimes when you hear presenters – everything that comes out is just pure GOLD.

This is certainly true of Jessica Drummond.

In this blog, I wrote about my own issues with being peri-menopausal. That shit is real… but rarely addressed. In fact, it sometimes feels like the age of the invisible women.

Yet, it can be an exciting time in our lives… but only if our health is with us. And often at this stage of life our health demands us to be pro-active, or we just have the luxury of time and money to deal with it.

But where to start?


Jessica’s work as part of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is world renown  and has been shaped by her own health challenges.

Jessica has 18 years as a pelvic and women’s physiotherapist and has recently completed her doctorate in nutrition. What makes Jessica extra special (in my eyes) is that she is one of only a handful of people from around the world, who creates education for Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Fitness Professionals and values each of these roles to create effective holistic approaches to women’s health.

Based in the USA, Jessica will be joining us at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, presenting a session on “Using fitness, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to address common pre-menopausal concerns.”

Pre-summit open to all

Jessica will also be presenting a full day pre – summit on Friday 27th October covering Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine in Perimenopause and How Low Libido, Belly Fat, and Brain Fog in the 40’s are Risk Factors for Osteoporosis, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Heart Diseases. What Fitness Professionals, Physiotherapists, and Nutritionists Can Do to Help Women in Their 40’s Live Vibrantly for The Decades Ahead.

You might be a Fitness Professional or Allied Health Professional or you might just be a woman in her 40’s who wants evidence based education to live more vibrantly!


This will be Jessica’s very first time in Australia and I am so super excited to meet her!

But I just know it is going to be AWESOME!

Check out this video,  where our WHFS17 Ambassador Kylianne interviews Jess, so you can get to know her better too and see that her style of presenting makes the information accessible to all!

For more information (INCLUDING PRICE) on the Pre-summit with Jessica and to make your booking – click Here

Jess will also be presenting on Sunday at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit (Single day tickets are available)

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