Kylianne Farrell… who are you ?

Kylianne Farrell

Kylianne Farrell… who are you ?


Kylianne FarrellThe Women’s Health and Fitness Summit Ambassador 2017


I am Kylianne Farrell – movement coach, counsellor, author, blogger, presenter and founder of The Movement Room. I combine movement coaching and counselling approaches to mentor mama’s who are emotionally and physically struggling post birth to move with purpose, that is in alignment with the authentic self and come to view and love their bodies as their vehicle to live fully.


WHFS 2015 I was selected as a Platform presenter, where I was offered the opportunity to share my story and raise awareness for moving with prolapse in the hope that it may inspire and give others the permission to do the same. The journey was both transformational and healing. Once I stepped off that stage my love affair with presenting was cemented.

Having someone like Mish believe in you before you believe in yourself is very profound. It gave me space to evolve, explore …ultimately leading to me discovering my soul purpose and find my place in the fitness industry. I am now about to head to Sydney to present at FILEX on a bigger national stage. Having two little girls of my own now, I can only hope that them seeing me live out my vision, that they too #DARE, to do the same.


The event is buzzing with women connecting and sharing positive emotions (Joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe). Igniting and experiencing positive emotions no matter how subtle, can spark powerful forces of growth.

This is what I have seen as a result of women attending this unique event: women walking away feeling uplifted, fired up and evolving personally/professionally allowing them to have the courage to step up into their calling, take opportunities and hone their craft as professionals who work with women.


Expect to feel loved, supported and the space to explore, learn and apply. Think of it as a choose your own adventure. It allows you to upskill, make networks from all over Australia, meet presenters who are experts in their fields that are humble and willing to share their knowledge with you so that you can pay it forward with those women who you coach.


I am looking forward to seeing Robin Kerr and Antony in action together and of course The Platform presenters. I have had the privilege of seeing what they are presenting on and it is going to be epic!

I believe we must get curious about challenge
I believe knowledge is important but the power is in the application
I believe the body is the vehicle to living fully
I believe on the other side of fear is growth
~ Kylianne

Women’s Health and Fitness Summit 2017 #DARE Ambassador from mish on Vimeo.

Why not join us on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October at The Grand Hyatt – all details here!

Founder & Director of mishfit

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