The Mish Story

Meet the Mish behind mishfit !

Quite simply, I am passionate about women’s health and fitness. My background is in education, coupled with a love of writing. I moved to Melbourne in 2002 with my husband and young daughter however within the year found myself a single mother with a newborn baby. It was a difficult time that I coped with by getting fit. I had never been a naturally sporty person but found exercising the best way of dealing with postnatal depression, give me a positive body image and the energy I needed to be a single mother of 2 young children.

Returning to teaching was not an option for me so I decided on a change of career to something that kept me active – so I trained as a Personal Trainer.

However, during this time of getting fit as a newly postnatal mum, I also harboured a dark secret – I was suffering from exercise-induced incontinence. I was mortified, embarrassed and really hoped that it would just “go away”.

But it didn’t. It just got worse. Incontinence pads were my staple grocery items! Eventually I sought help, but the advice I was given was to stop exercising !

And I knew there had to be a better way. Leaking doesn’t have to be a badge of motherhood and nor should it stop you from exercising.

mishfit® is born

This life changing experience inspired me to set up a business dedicated to providing safe exercise and education to pre and postnatal women.But what does this really mean? How do you get women exercising, without harming them?

So I reflected on how I used to teach children to read. A lot of research has gone into what good readers do. These identified skills of a competent reader are broken down and taught, at first individually, and then as part of the whole experience. If you have ever had the blessing of home readers you will have experienced the magic when one day your child is robotically pointing at words and then the next day they are reading. Something in their brain just clicks. It is like magic.

It is the same for any complicated activity. Remember back to first learning to drive. At first there was so much to think about… now you can mentally write a thesis while you drive to work. I simply took this same philosophy. I removed the judgement on exercises and replaced it with a skills based program. I added in the conversations that needed to be had, but often women just don’t have time to have with their physio’s and Dr’s.

Conversations around pelvic pain, toileting behaviour, the emotional stress of having prolapse and/or incontinence. At mishfit the exercises we teach, exemplify the skills you need to know to move functionally.

Having a prolapse, incontinence or DRAM is not a life sentence, it is just simply part of your journey. And remember, these things do not kill you, but inactivity and poor mental health can.

It is my vision to change the way we train and treat women through:

  • understanding the power of language – how do we talk to ourselves and how do we talk to others?
  • creating awareness and education to support both the fitness professional and par-taker of exerciser
  • collaborate with others to achieve all of the above

The next chapter!

I have launched my new website that has my latest blogs, mishfit® education and lots, lots more!

See you on the other site!