mishfit hosts The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit

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mishfit hosts The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit

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Are you aware that mishfit hosts an annual event?

It is big, it is beautiful and it started all because I have always held the belief that we can do better for women.

This blog is about the humble beginnings of the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

You can see a quick video here about my WHY I put this event on!

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In 2013, I recognised a dire need for specific education regarding women’s health and fitness. I also believed there needed to be a drawing together of different health and well being modalities. This would also benefit those (many) people who squirrel away in their own little business, doing fabulous stuff… but wanting the support of a larger community.

And it would completely benefit you. The female client. The better educated and up-skilled your trainers are, the less likely you are to be pushed to wee your pants, or worse… prolapse.

Facebook and LinkedIn groups have been a great way to connect with like-minded… but a virtual chat room or a facebook friend, is simply not the same as meeting with people in real time. That is one or the reasons why events such as The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit are so important!

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Our 2014 Key Note Speaker – the amazing Taryn Brumfitt from Body Image Movement

and completely rocked our world.

Her documentary Embrace was released this month.

Our first Women’s Health and Fitness Summit was at the very beige Victoria Uni. It was a punt… a toe in the water, so to speak. As the only events I had organised before this was my children’s birthday parties!

The result? It was simply amazing.
The feeling in the air quite simply could have been bottled and sold.

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The biggest impact for me, were the words in my ear, as a delegate hugged me goodby:
“Thank you. I have found my tribe.”

I knew we were on to a good thing, so in 2015 I took the WHFS to the next level and we held it at Crown. It was a day and a half of education and networking, much fun and laughter…


Our 2015 Key Note – the amazing Elaine Miller (aka Gusset Grippers)

I worked with Marietta Mehanni to create The Platform, increased our trade show, gave away lots of fabulous goodies with #30prizesin30days, created The Thea Baker You Can Never Have Too Much Brave Award AND involved the rock’n Sydney based DJ Amanda Louise to play the tunes for the champagne and canapes on Saturday night.

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Our line-up of presenters were second to none – Jenny Burrell from the UK, Zoe Nicholson of the Moderation Movement, and the fabulous Queensland based physio Robin Kerr (to name a few).

The success of WHFS15 cemented this event. And listening to feedback, we made further changes to our event for this year.

First a logo refresh and then a venue change – the RACV Club (501 Bourke St, Melbourne) is more central, offers stunning light filled spaces and has a fully functioning gym space, so that we can now offer a physical stream of education.

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The event is 2 full days (plus some great pre-summits) and is fully catered.

All for the same price as last year.

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But what has not changed is the fact that this event has not been created or hosted by a huge multi-national company.
In fact it is just me.


And I have a very strong belief that this event needs to be.

People who have attended (and many have already re-booked) share this belief with me.

The companies that have got behind with sponsorship share this belief with me.

My team at mishfit and my wonderful Event Manager Sarah, share this belief with me.

My family understands that this and are (mostly) accepting and accommodating about the long hours of work that I take out of our family life to put into making this event what it is.

I know that if you reading this blog, then I know that you believe in me, so that is why I am offering you the opportunity to get behind this event.

You can can read here WHY I need your help.

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So here are some ways that YOU can get involved in this event:

And if you have read to here, THANK YOU – my blogs are not normally this long, or personal.

I sincerely appreciate your support from the past, today and into the future,

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