More Porridge Ideas

more porridge ideas

More Porridge Ideas

more porridge ideas

You might remember this blog about porridge written by Donna from mishfit Geelong and our resident nutritionist. When I posted the blog on Facebook, it inspired others to share their own porridge pots.

Erin from New Zealand was one such person…


Erin is a lover of porridge and a lover of mishfit and she shared with me her favourite porridge formula.

And the beauty of this recipe is that you can organise in the evening and your breakfast is sorted first thing in the morning!!

Check it out!

1/2 cup each of rolled oats, yogurt and milk.


Pop it into a jar and leave over night.


Add some other goodies e.g.: blueberries, mango, banana… a sprinkle of cinnamon… Too easy!


Looks pretty good to me… thanks Erin for allowing us to use your recipe and going to the effort to photographing your favourite breakfast to inspire us!

Then Erin had this to say about why she follows mishfit on Facebook…



Facebook can be very annoying because of their ever changing algorithms, which can mean you miss posts from your favourite pages … but the beauty of being able to make our world a little smaller and a little bit more connected, is still pretty spesh.

Thanks Erin for the love x

Founder & Director of mishfit

If you enjoyed this recipe… you might enjoy this one also… just click on the image!

Get adventurouswithporridge!


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