New mishfit Trainer – Brianna!


New mishfit Trainer – Brianna!


mishfit does not only attract clients, but also trainers who hear about us, who check us out and who love what we do… and then (thankfully!) get in touch.

Brianna is one such trainer… she has had such an interesting past (think fashion designer slash fitness professional) and was so delightful, that we offered her an opportunity at mishfit right away! Brianna will be teaching at mishfit Northcote on Friday’s, and now she has done her Power Plate Training will be working at both mishfit HQ in Pascoe Vale South and with Mel at mishfit Moonee Ponds.

We want you to get to know her as well, so we asked Brianna a few questions:

1. Tell us about your fitness journey to now:

Fitness has always been a part of my life. From ever since I can remember I have always been involved in team sports netball, tennis, athletics and even representing the school in the state aerobics championships. As a family we even built our own tennis court just so we could all play more often. I love the feeling of feeling fit and healthy, the energy rush, the strength and that good pain we all love to hate.

As I got older my love of fitness lead me to complete my group exercise and PT certificates allowing me to work in the industry. At the same time I had chosen to follow my other love; fashion. Completing a university degree majoring in Activewear Design. It was great combining my two loves and being able to wear what I designed.

Over the years I taught at a variety of places like a freelance step class at Harold Holt and a fitball class in Burwood.


It was at this point in my life that I moved across to NZ. The opportunity to design for Canterbury of NZ was too good to pass. Wanting to continue to work in the fitness industry I began working for Preggi Bellies NZ in both the Pre and Post natal classes. I loved the opportunity working with mums to be and new mums. They were positive about fitness and health and wanted to make a difference. It was a new challenge for me and kept me motivated to learn more and more.

Designing activewear for Les Mills was my next adventure and with it endless hours at the gym; Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Step and GRIT being my favourites.

With so many high energy classes in my life I needed a bit of balance so I started to attend Nordic Walking classes. I had found a new love and my next challenge becoming a Nordic Walking instructor. For years I taught walking classes down at the beach to increase the intensity and well who doesn’t love to start the day with a walk along the beach.

10 years went by in NZ and only just recently have I moved back to my home town Melbourne.

2. You are a multi-skilled woman, tell us about your other work projects

Well as mentioned I work in the fashion Industry. I have had some amazing jobs over the years for companies like Nike, New Balance, Fila, 2XU and or course Les Mills, but there is one job that really stands out and that was a brief stint in Women’s fashion. I worked for a company that believed in me and my ideas and let me dream big. That year I became the designer and stylist for Rachel Hunter. It was an amazing job taking me all over the world. It also was the beginning of my company Truly Madly Style – A business that I still operate in NZ and Australia.

I love working with colour and helping people find colours that really belong to them.


Another love project is helping cancer patients feel great inside and out. This is through both fashion and fitness. Its great getting a chance to combine my two loves, Nordic Walking has been wonderful in this healing process.

3. Recently you have had your first baby… how has that changed you?

What a wonderful experience and such a treasure. Having a baby has made me realise that life is all about balance and that it is ok to slow down. My birth was not the easiest and did not go to plan but has been a great learning curve with my pelvic floor. I realise now when I used to teach to the Pre and Post Natal clients I was a good instructor, but now having had a child and understanding all the thing that go on in the body throughout the whole process well it has made me a great instructor.


4. Why were you drawn to mishfit?

With my previous experience working in the Pre and Post Natal arena, I really wanted to further my knowledge and that combined with having a child lead me to mishfit, I feel like I have so much to give now in terms of personal experience. mishfit is a wonderful company that really empowers the woman (something that resonates with me) I feel like they are the tribe I have been looking for.

5. What does the future hold for you?

The future looks positive. I would like to further my knowledge in the field of Pre and Post Natal women and really focus on the pelvic floor, being the best fitness trainer I can be.

I would love to further develop fitness and wellness programs for those suffering from illnesses such as Cancer, or even going through life trauma.

I would love to grow my fashion business empowering more women with colour in fashion and how to best shop for their body shape.

Lastly the future holds many days of happiness.

And lastly… favourite quotes?

That’s easy! I have 2…




Welcome to our team Brianna! And we are hoping to bring Brianna’s nordic walking skills to you!

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If you are interested in learning more about joining our team… why not send me an email!

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