Nutritious Movement

Nutritious Movement

Nutritious Movement

This video is absolutely mesmerising to watch.

Not all of us will train to become a synchronised swimmers (said to be the most difficult of Olympic sports to train for), but it does reminds us that the human body is designed to move in many ways.

Yet, look around at gym equipment and see that it is mostly designed for the sagittal plane of movement (backwards and forwards). Many articles are written and arguments thrashing out the minutiae of joint and muscle placement in given exercises.

However, moving in all planes (sagittal / frontal and transverses) has positive consequences for all of our joints, ligaments and fascia. Movement is not always just about muscle growth.

And as my Grandmother use to tell me (who was incredibly fit and active right up to her death in her late 80’s), if you don’t move it, you loose it.

Some fun facts about synchronised swimmers:

  • their feet aren’t allowed to touch the ground – even when lifting people up
  • teams can train 8 – 10 hours per day, 6 days per week – making it one of the toughest Olympic sports
  • swimmers rank second only to long distance runner in aerobic capacity
  • half of their routine is performed upside down and holding their breath!

Enjoy some nutritious movement in your exercise diet today!

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