Orgasms – the last frontier


Orgasms – the last frontier


Recently, I commented sarcastically to my husband that surely they just didn’t show the woman’s orgasm… and that she must have had hers first as yet another Netflix movie focused on the man’s orgasm. The pumping and then the male sigh, signals the end of the sexual act. For as robust or loving as the different sex scenes are (even in this day and age) it still seems that sex is ONLY about male pleasure. Indeed, it would seem that female orgasms, are the last frontier.

The act of sex is fraught with overtones of society’s expectations of how both women and men should behave. Religious and cultural influences combined with ignorance (at worst) or lack of education (at best), can stop anyone fulfilling their sexual potential.

Sexuality is a vital part of women’s health. Because it is a vital part of us.

Hence, I have made it a priority that for the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit to have at least one session about women’s sexuality. To have Dr. Janet Hall apply was an enormous thrill. A woman whose reputation proceeded her, Dr. Janet, a sexologist (amongst other things) has dedicated a great part of her career lifting the lid of sexuality. Educating, empowering and giving women permission to be sex goddess’s!

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So what inspires someone to go from a teacher to psychologist, hypnotherapist, to sex therapist?

Curiosity, life experience and gratitude.

Although Dr. Jan believes all women have the permission and the right to be sexual goddesses, she acknowledges the difficulties to become comfortable with your own sexuality.

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It has only been in very recent times (1998) that the clitoris discovered and understood to be much more than the external nub at the top of the vulva. Instead, it was discovered to look more like a wishbone. This whole wishbone structure, has no other purpose, than that of pleasure.

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Dr. Jan speaks to Kylianne Farrell during the Presenter Connect series (where we interview presenters from the WHFS, so you can get to know them a little better) about the four parts that make up successful sexual experience with another:

  • Spirit
  • Mind
  • Values
  • Heart connection

At the summit Dr Jan will be covering these topics as part of her Elusive Orgasm:

  • Normalising masterbation (though you can find out why Dr. Jan does not call it masterbation)
  • Debunking all the myths around women’s sexuality
  • Exploring all the different types of orgasms that women can experience

You can watch the full interview here:

 Dr Janet Hall – The Elusive Orgasm

This will be a session that should not be missed. And I am sure you agree with me, that Dr. Jan’s attitude leaves all judgement behind.

I can’t wait!

Founder & Director of mishfit

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