“My passion is around pregnancy” – Sami Cattach

My Passion is Around Pregnancy- Sami Cattash

“My passion is around pregnancy” – Sami Cattach

My Passion is Around Pregnancy- Sami Cattash

Is YOUR passion also around pregnancy and that early postnatal phase?

If so, you are not alone!

I have seen a distinct trend in the Fitness world of Personal Trainers wanting to know more about how to train their clients effectively during pregnancy. I think that the increase demand for knowledge in this area is for these reasons:

  1. Fitness education cover off this enormous topic in just a few paragraphs at worst or direct you to guidelines … which are not very practical and can leave the PT feeling not confident and hesitant on the “how” part of the equation
  2. Insurance for Personal Trainers demands formal qualifications in this area to cover Fit Pro’s for working with pregnant women
  3. Pregnant women, (our clients) are increasingly aware and invested in their health during this time and want to know exactly how and why they should be doing certain exercises at different trimesters. They may also have (or in previous pregnancies) experienced pelvic pain, lower back pain, pubis symphasis diastasis or DRAM and want to minimise pain or want advice on exercises to avoid these conditions altogether. Trusting a Fitness Professional to guide them safely through the whole pregnancy is incredibly important for not just their physical health, but also their mental health
  4. Fit Pro’s who are mums themselves. Who not only see a need in their own communities for this specific training, but are motivated to hang out with like-minded women. Women who understand the juggle that is motherhood!

Sami Cattach is someone who is super passionate about educating women on how women can optimise their pelvic floor and core through movement during pregnancy for best post-partum outcomes. Sami is sharing her insight, knowledge and passion with us all at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

Sami WHFS17For Sami, working with pregnant women is not just about pelvic floor but also about how all the muscles interact within the body and within the way women move through the day – walking, sitting, and how that impacts on whole body health. It is this whole body approach that has made Sami a popular presenter at the WHFS.

Sami has also identified that over her work life, she has seen a greater number of younger women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. Dysfunction that would normally be associated with pregnancy or the later stages of life – such as incontinence, prolapse and painful sex. With trying to discover why this would be so, she found the work of Katy Bowmen and her Nutritious Movement. This education has had a huge impact on shaping her practice.

I find this incredibly interesting and have experienced the same thing in my studio.

And I have my theory why.

Fitness in general has undergone a rather remarkable transformation over the past decade. Bootcamp, Crossfit and even the current buzz word of functional fitness (which use ropes, tires etc as part of training) really did not exist in the marketplace fifteen years ago. Unless you were army or elite athlete. But now it has infiltrated down to the point where you can easily find either of these options at your local park or High Street.

Please note:

I have NO JUDGEMENT on these types of exercise.

However, it also coincides with the trends that both Sami and myself have seen… the growing number or women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction at a younger age.

Does this mean that women can’t do these type of exercise options?

Absolutely not! But it does mean that we have not been addressing the very basic issue that women have different training needs to men. Training women, like little men simply is NOT the answer! Instead understanding intra-abdominal pressure and hormonal influences on female training could dramatically reduce the amount and severity of pelvic floor issues that we are now seeing.

Kylianne, our WHFS17 Ambassador interviews Sami to dig deep about what has motivated her in life. Sami shares about the impact her husbands health has had on their outlook on life… You wont want to miss this video.

Or meeting Sami at the event. Sami is incredibly warm and friendly as you can feel from this video.

Four reasons why you should attend Sami’s session at this year’s WHFS:

  1. This session is practical. It is held in the group fitness room and will help you plan appropriately for your pregnant clients
  2. CEC’s for this event are coming. This session will cover you for your insurance. If you register with FitRec, you can upload details of this session to prove you have education when working with pregnant women
  3. When potential clients or existing clients tell you they are pregnant, you will confident that you understand how to optimise core and pelvic floor for their outcomes post partum
  4. Apply this information to your own personal fitness journey!

Places to this session are limited and it is strictly first in, first serve – BOOK TODAY!

Founder & Director of mishfit

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