Pelvic Floor

With one third of postnatal women experiencing incontinence and alarmingly 50% of postnatal women experiencing prolapse we want you to know that it may be common – but it is certainly not normal!

We know that women often “pad up” and ignore the symptoms or worse still, resign from being active. We also know that many women understand from experience the correlation between pelvic floor dysfunction and inappropriate exercise prescription.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is complicated and not just a matter of doing more kegels! Proper diagnosis of the problem is essential, which is why we recommend the services of our aligned Women’s Health Physiotherapists

It is often a very emotional journey. We understand this journey and are here to support you. Our role at mishfit is to teach the skills that enable you to exercise safely for your body and at your stage of life. Why not talk to one of our experts today and find out how we can help you.

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Women’s health physiotherapists

mishfit is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your training and improving your well-being post child-birth through into menopause and beyond. mishfit works collaboratively with allied health professionals to bring you exclusive deals that are tailor made to meet the needs of mishfit clients.

Women’s Health Physiotherapists provide an essential service to mishfit trainers and clients. Every mishfit trainer is aligned with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and we strongly encourage all clients to experience Real Time Ultrasound to ensure they are performing correct pelvic floor  and TVA activation.

This service is called a mishfit Basic Care package. To learn more about this exciting offer please contact your nearest mishfit franchise

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