Power Plate

What is it?

Power Plate is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.  It uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration.

These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 – 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in training sessions.

Acceleration Training™ on Power Plate equipment offers a host of benefits such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, increased bone mineral density, reduced pain and soreness and faster post-training recovery rates.

This three-dimensional vibration technology continues to lead the industry and its benefits are grounded in extensive academic and independent scientific research.

Why do it?

A Power Plate workout is revolutionary for getting stronger faster safely.  Power Plate helps to free tight muscles and fascia and enables an increase in flexibility.  A 30-minute workout once or twice a week can take your fitness and strength training to the next level.

Power Plate is also an amazing rehabilitation tool for those with movement issues, or those recovering from surgery.

At mishfit we have also developed the Power Plate recovery & movement™ programme specifically aimed at women with pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse or pelvic pain.  We are learning that the pelvic floor muscles respond to the tonic vibrations much like all the other muscles in the body and the training effect is significant.


Who should use it?

Power Plate can work for everyone, except pregnant women.  Once you have had your six-week postnatal check we would love to see you in one of our Power Plate studios!

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