Summer Bodies!

summer bodies

Summer Bodies!

summer bodies

Gearing up for Summer bodies… and beyond!

It’s that time of the year!

With a sniff of warmer weather come the avalanche of fitness catch cry’s:

“A bikini body in 8 weeks!”

“21 day body transformation!”

“Get your best Summer body yet!”

A kick start to your fitness regime is great, but at mishfit we think the best benefits come from making exercise a way of life, rather than a crash diet. Because we all know how well crash diets work…


But if you have just woken from a Winter hibernation and discovered you have barely moved over the last few months, don’t hit the panic button just yet!

After months of avoiding your exercise gear because it’s too dark, too cold, too wet, and I’d just prefer to sit and eat warm food; Great News!  The increase in sunlight has suddenly given our serotonin production a boost and our energy levels are up.

Here are 10 tips to not only get YOU started, but keep YOU going!

1.Refer to your exercise session as a health session

Don’t view exercise as purely a means to achieve fat loss or to offset the Big Mac you ate for lunch.

Never lose sight of the fact that the greatest benefit of exercise is immediate and long term physical and mental health.

I must admit as I get older my main motivation for exercise is the fear of chronic disease!


2. Start where you are

Beginning at an intensity that is too high for your current fitness or strength level is a recipe for disaster Eg: Jumping straight into a full burpees without any core strengthening is most likely going to leave you with a very sore back or worse, prolapse! Going too hard, too fast can lead to injury which means you might have to put your new found enthusiasm on hold, while you recover.


3. Find something you enjoy and can maintain

Boot camp might promise quick results, but the reality is that if you don’t enjoy it, you wont stick with it. Period! There are so many options for movement out there. It’s just a matter of finding your thing!


4. Set realistic, achievable goals

…that have nothing to do with numbers on the scales or calorie count! Set your goals at the start of each month so you can take into account what you have going on in the near future. Stick it on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror to keep them active in your mind!

Goals might include: exercising a certain number of times per week/month, trying a new class, lifting a little heavier, beating a PB, cutting out 1 food and replacing it with a healthier option.

Invest in fit bit if that helps keep you going. At least you will be able to identify from day to day if you are doing enough incidental exercise.

Something as simple as feeling better and healthier can also be goal!


5. Buddy up!

Grab a friend or friends who will help to keep you motivated. Your health session is also guaranteed to be entertaining! Instead of meeting for a wine, why not meet for a walk?


6. Prioritise!

If you don’t do this, your exercise simply wont happen.

Things like spending hours on social media can drain our spare time. Get off it and get moving!

Or get up a little earlier (have your clothes ready next to your bed) and head out. Try not to over-think it. Just do it!

Waking your body with natural light is also one of the best things you can do for your mood.


7. Prepare to be flexible!

The unexpected will happen. On any given day you may not have the time to get to a class. Aim to at least get out the door with your runners on and go for a brisk walk in the time that you have.

8. Do a bit of research!

If you have areas of concern, are pregnant, returning to exercise after a baby, experiencing incontinence when exercising, consult an exercise specialist who can guide you safely. You may only need a couple of sessions to get you safely on your way.

9. Enlist help

If you are just not sure where to start and worried that everything will be too hard find a trainer to help you. I personally love working with people who are just starting out and helping them find their thing! Trainers are there to help and guide everyone, not just the already fit and motivated variety!

10. Rest days are just as important

If you are feeling crappy, establish whether your exercise regime is going to make you feel better or worse. Even after sleepless nights in succession and being the last thing I want to do. However, never underestimate a walk in the fresh air!

So, our mishfit Summer & beyond Health Plan looks something like this:


I challenge you to find something you love, that is kind to you and own it…..all year round!


Donna owns and runs mishfit Geelong. You can contact her here to find out more about the sessions that she runs!

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