Testimonials for mishfit & our services


Testimonials for mishfit & our services

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Traditionally there has always been a measure of shame for women who experience incontinence, prolapse and painful sex. And because these are considered taboo subjects, many women continue to suffer in silence. Or ignore the warning signs.The following testimonials are the real words and experiences submitted by our clients.

Because not everyone is comfortable with sharing these (often) deeply personal experiences on such a public forum as a blog, I have assigned a beautiful flower to each woman in lieu of her name.

Although many are addressed to me personally, the other Personal Trainers who work at mishfit use the programs I have created and are talented and highly experienced trainers in their own right. Everyone at mishfit is highly educated in working with pregnant, postnatal and menopausal women, especially those who have experienced birth injuries.

We all have excellent relationships with Women’s Health Physiotherapists and believe that by working closely with other allied health professionals, we can provide the ultimate experience for our clients.

The beautiful flower photography comes from a very dear friend and talented photographer, Annie Cuthbert – who is inspired from blooms from her very own garden.

Enjoy. And if these stories have spoken to you, I encourage you to get in touch and take a step towards enjoying and understanding how you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Mish x


“You may have given up on yourself, but I believe in you.”

That’s what I needed to hear to turn things around. These are the words Mish said to me on our first session.

Diagnosed with prolapse weeks after my second child and formerly a fitness instructor, I now couldn’t take my kids in the pram for a walk without worrying I’d damage myself further! I was constantly breaking down at the very thought of not being able to be the active mother I always envisioned of myself.
I was told very bluntly that I would never return to exercising the way I used to and ought to even consider a desk job.
I was scared of leaking when I laughed, coughed and sneezed. A ‘just in case wee’ was a way of life before I stepped out of home and let’s not even talk about my already ‘endangered’ sex life.
(Kids are exceptionally good contraception, being damaged down there seals the rest completely).
I put on weight, put my life on hold and agonised over it for nearly a year before I found mishfit.
By this time, I was seeing a team of PF specialists, Physiotherapists, UroGyneas and a pessary clinic on a regular basis, in addition to seeing a counsellor for my anxiety disorder.
Only to get more depressed, put on more weight… You get the picture!

Seeing Mish, for the first time, someone addressed how it felt to lose my identity... I acknowledged I felt invisible. My lack of exercise, my lack of control over this issue, a feeling my body betrayed me, were all causing everything, including my self esteem, to drop.

We discussed stuff I knew given my background, was gently reminded of habits I developed over time, things I’d forgotten. She spoke of basics, which had been covered to some extent earlier and was forgotten along the way of seeing many and varied specialists.
Mish made no magical ‘fix it’ claims or played doctor and referred me to her preferred women’s physiotherapist for a medical examination.

I felt myself change from the first session. I’m now a changed woman in just the 5 sessions I’ve had at her studio.

I still need to address my condition, but it’s no more a pressing issue!
What’s more, I have the belief and the support, to reclaim my life back.

You have only to gain by signing up for a session, you deserve that chance!
I would advocate for this being a part of postpartum care just like the 6th week check for every mother!


After my first training with Mel, I was impressed when she checked in on me for the next two days. I told myself she must have some ‘system’ in place to follow up. Over time I’ve learnt, she does it because of who she is, and not some fancy software.
Mel is absolutely fantastic! She’s exceptionally dedicated to fitness and will surpass your perception of what or how a PT should be. Most importantly, she is genuine and your goals matter to her as much as they matter to you.
She will make you work through your goals, expectations, anxieties, ‘personal bests’ and ‘personal worsts’ (bad days)
Even when she gives you a easy workout, you are guaranteed to feel the tone the following day, it is the best feeling in the world!
Being a mum, she knows the importance of balancing family life, so you will find there is sufficient variety in time options, and her studio is well equipped to entertain a toddler while the mum works out, without breaking sweat for the wrong reasons.
I came to Mel with specific medical constraints that limited my exercise quality, but my being on rehab mode didn’t stop her from exploring exercise options for me.
She’s introduced me to boxing and water workouts. And I always start my week on the perfect note after our weekend workouts!



I was diagnosed with a prolapse after having my second child and it completely threw me. I become very emotional about it and had completely lost direction with my postpartum recovery (which at the time I thought I had been doing correctly!). I had been to various Pilates sessions, and countless physio sessions, which most times I left feeling lost and no better off.

After my first session with Mish I knew I was in the right place, and the right hands. My time spent with Mish in her studio has not only helped me immensely in the physical sense, but provided me with a nurturing environment where I felt 100% at ease and welcomed, and helped me deal with the emotional issues I faced with the prolapse.

I now feel confident with my recovery and am seeing fantastic results, far quicker than what I had expected. I cannot thank her enough.



After the birth of my three children my pelvic floor was weak. I sought physio help for three years and although my pelvic floor improved, it was still not strong enough to support my daily activity. I had to plan my day around toilet stops, had the occasional accident after a sneeze, and always stopped for the ‘just in case wee’ whilst out running.
Since starting with Mishfit Moonee Ponds six months ago, my pelvic floor has improved immensely. I’ve learned the importance of doing pelvic floor exercises whilst standing and not just lying down. The Power Plate has enabled me to re-engage my pelvic floor.

Thanks to Melissa I now have the ability to exercise, go for a run, carry grocery bags and the kids without worry.



Mish is a miracle worker! Because I had to get my placenta manually removed my pelvic floor was particularly bad and I couldn’t really work my muscles at all. I saw a physiotherapist in the UK on a regular basis (where I’m from) and she was ok; but after just one session with Mish on the vibration plate I could really draw the muscles upwards, even when standing which I previously found impossible to do.

I couldn’t believe how much of an improvement she’d made in such a short space of time! Mish is a lovely person and she really knows her stuff. She put me at ease straight away and talked me through each step and explained what muscles were being worked and why. Leaving each session I felt amazing! I truly cannot recommend Mish enough and I thank her for all of her help!!



There is a huge gap that exists in the fitness industry between when a woman has her baby and when she returns to the exercise. The focus is too often on weight loss, at the expense of well, everything. If she isn’t educated, nurtured and supported to exercise safely by a professional to rebuild her postnatal body from the inside out and goes straight back to running, bootcamp or HIIT the results can be pretty disastrous.

This is why more people need to know about Mish and her amazing team of pre and postnatal PT’s. Seriously. Tell your friends!

I had a healthy active pregnancy/birth with not so much as a hiccup and could not wait to get back to my former exercise regime. However what I had envisioned I would be capable of postnatally was drastically different to the reality; abdominal separation, back pain, an over active pelvic floor and weak EVERYTHING! After a couple of months I was miserable and needed help.

Mish made an effort to ask heaps of questions to really get to the root of my issues. She was really educational, made me feel at ease, emotionally supportive and followed up with me on many occasions. Because of Mish and Mel’s help, my pelvic floor knows how to chill out in between reps, my transverse abdominus activates like a sliding door’ when I tell it to, my back feels so much freer (no more feeling like tin-man) and my scapula retract functionally and feel so much stronger.

Mish has linked me in with an equally awesome women’s health physio and through both I have learnt so much about my body and how to work with other women pre and postnatally. I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to people I trust to look after my health/fitness, but can honestly say I trust Mish and Mel 100% with whatever they’ve asked of me in the mishfit HQ studio (which is a lovely place to work out by the way).



I had stayed quite fit during pregnancy as my work is fairly physical. I expected to be straight back into exercise after birth (after the 6 week period) but things didn’t quite go that way for me.
I had a very long labor and ended up with a mild prolapse of the bladder. As I had done my pre-natal classes with mishfit, I knew where to go. I have done 5 session with Mish on the Power plate and my pelvic floor strength has increases from hardly being able to lift and hold the pelvic floor at all, to being able to lift ad hold for 10 seconds.
I am now ready to safely exercise again, which is much faster then I imagined.
Thank you Mish!



When I was diagnosed with a prolapse in March 2013, I was told that physio and losing weight was the only way I could recover. In physio I was told not to expect too much. I did my physio and had some improvement but not life changing and my options to exercise were given as very limited. I was also warned about boot camps and personal trainers without knowledge on prolapse.
Using Google I found mishfit! I can honestly say I never knew my prolapse was having the profound effect it was on my life. My sexuality, my sense of well being, my general outlook was taken up by this damage and that was without the constraints on movement and lifting that I was living by!
Mish was the most amazing person to come into my life. With seemingly gentle exercise (and only 6 weeks!) I feel so much different. My prolapse is much improved. It no longer rules my life. It isn’t something I think about every time I do anything.
The program was done with love and a sense of caring that rarely is afforded women in my situation. Most often overweight mothers are dismissed as lazy or told they have to work harder than ever. Mish never once ran me down. It was only ever to build me up.
I’m so grateful I decided that what I was doing wasn’t good enough and that I had the courage to try something new. Honestly the best thing I ever did for my health.



I have pleasure in reviewing Mish at mishfit as the results in just eight weeks have change my life for the better by natural gentle methods rather than intrusive surgery.

A week after retiring from work I developed symptoms of a prolapse. Then having researched my options, which appeared very limited and looked like going down the surgery track, I happened to talk to my cousin and discovered the results she obtained from using the Power Plate method in New Zealand. I spoke to her physiotherapist in New Zealand and he explained the benefits of Power Plate for people suffering my condition. He also recommended that I consult mishfit.

From my first meeting with her I was impressed with her professionalism and how thoroughly she assessed me regarding my condition. From the very first visit I had results, which improved as each week went by, I was soon able to walk comfortably, move more and be pain free. On top of that a rash I could not shift, disappeared. It was wonderful and all by using a machine called Power Plate which did not appear to make me do any exercise at all but the results showed that it was having an amazing impact on my health and well-being.
Not only did Mish have me exercising on the Power Plate but she was also teaching me strategies to help me cope going forward. Although my condition is still there it has improved considerably and I am, with Mish’s, help continuing to manage and cope much better.
I am so pleased that I met up with Mish as she changed my life to one of much more freedom.
Thank you Mish.



After my second baby my body and my world fell apart. I was diagnosed with prolapse which I never though would happen to me. But it did and I felt helpless. After gaining almost 20kg during my second pregnancy all I wanted to do was hit the gym and go hard to be back in my skinny jeans before anyone realised I had the baby.

Of course my reality was very different as my exercise options were very limited. I was not allowed to do much other than walk and lifting anything heavier than a few kilos was out of the question! Not that I wanted to do much, I just wanted to sit on the couch and not move as every time I stood up I could feel a dragging sensation due to the prolapse. It was a very very dark time in my life. But everything changed when I met Mish:)

From the very first moment I walked into her studio I felt extremely comfortable and safe. I knew that she understood exactly how I was feeling physically and emotionally. I spent 5 weeks rehabilitating with Mish on the wonderful machine called Power Plate. Of course I had no idea what this strange looking thing had to do with strengthening my pelvic floor muscle when I first saw it but as I soon found out it had everything to do with it! And it wasn’t just when I was at Mish’s studio that I felt safe and comfortable from then on as Mish taught me exercise and lifting skills that are safe on my pelvic floor and which I will use for the rest of my life.
After the initial 5 week rehabilitation period I was not only ready to get off the couch and move about but I was ready to keep going to get to get to the body I wanted to reclaim :)

So Mish put me onto Mel, a wonderful Personal Trainer who also understands exactly what my body can and cannot do and together using the Power Plate we are making progress I really didn’t think possible. And the most amazing thing is that because of the nature of the Power Plate exercise sessions I don’t feel like I have done a full gym session afterwards but the results speak for themselves!
A couple of weeks ago I even went to the snow and skied for a whole week, something 6 months ago I could not even imagine!
My prolapse is still there but it is getting better, my body is getting stronger and most importantly there is no more sitting on the couch as I have two beautiful boys and I do not want to miss a moment, not a moment during this precious time in our lives!
Thank you Mish, Mel and the Power Plate for giving me my life back :)



I went along to meet Mish at mishfit not really knowing what to expect. I was recommended by a friend after discussing my weak pelvic floor following the birth of my first baby. From my first phone call through to my two visits with Mish, she was so wonderful and professional to deal with. I was reassured how common this was and with her support how easy it is to strengthen again. For anyone with similar concerns I would also recommend the pelvic floor Real Time Ultrasound, organised through mishfit. It was alarming to hear how many women think they are doing their pelvic floor exercises when in fact they’re not!!

The assessment using the Real Time Ultrasound shows you exactly what you are doing right/wrong and then a report is provided to Mish so she can help you understand it further and tailor exercises accordingly. The whole experience has left me far more comfortable and I would highly recommend mishfit to anyone!



I found Mish through a recommendation from a friend who goes to the mishfit postnatal classes. I had suffered a prolapse and was feeling miserable and hopeless. After one session with Mish I felt so much better, physically and emotionally. Mish is such a lovely person, very warm yet also very professional and knows what she is talking about/doing. I have been seeing her for a number of power plate sessions and also used the referral through mishfit to a Womens’ Health Physio which has also been excellent.

I have really enjoyed my sessions with Mish and she has gone above and beyond what I expected, she really cares about you and your health. I would recommend Mish and her team at mishfit to any woman suffering pelvic floor and prolapse issues, you won’t be disappointed.



I went along to meet Mish at mishfit not really knowing what to expect. I was recommended by a friend after discussing my weak pelvic floor following the birth of my first baby. From my first phone call through to my two visits with Mish, she was so wonderful and professional to deal with. I was reassured how common this was and with her support how easy it is to strengthen again.

For anyone with similar concerns I would also recommend the pelvic floor real time ultrasound, organised through mishfit. It was alarming to hear how many women think they are doing their pelvic floor exercises when in fact they’re not!! The assessment shows you exactly what you are doing right/wrong and then a report is provided to Mish so she can help you understand it further and tailor exercises accordingly. The whole experience has left me far more comfortable and I would highly recommend to anyone!



For many years I have suffered from neck and lower back pain due to a bulged disc in my lower back and a herniated disc in my neck. High trap muscles and I became a knee locker due to my occupation which increased my lower back pain despite how many specialists i saw, nobody realized a simple thing that i was doing wrong day in and day out.

With no issues in pelvic floor I heard about this new machine Power Plate and I wanted to know more. Michelle immediately picked up my faults and corrected them. She worked on my tight fascia and OMG my flexibility changed. Mish, I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge you provided me with and most of all picking up small issues that has helped to relieve other areas of pain. I’m looking forward to my next session with you and referring future clients to you. Keep up the great work :)



I am a woman with terrible pelvic floor looking at major surgery to fix the issue. Going to mishfit and working on my pelvic floor will hopefully stop me from needing the surgery as I have already had wonderful results. After other consultations about my pelvic floor and how to exercise it I thought I was doing it right but after one session with mishfit I found that I was doing it wrong and now my pelvic floor is strengthening better than I could have hoped. Easy to talk to and completely understanding. Thanks mishfit!



Mish at mishfit PT is just lovely and so welcoming. I really didn’t know what I was in for when I booked into her Pelvic Floor Tuneup Session. Mish used the PowerPlate machine and it was amazing! I felt like my body had a huge workout all from doing different stances (similar to Pilates & Yoga). I came away feeling very invigorated and relaxed. You have to try it!



mishfit postnatal exercise classes have been educational, fun, empowering and easy to attend because I can just bring my kids with me and they play with the toys and other kids. I have also had 5 sessions with power plate pelvic floor movement and recovery program and this has been amazing.

My pelvic floor has been restored to great health and I feel very able to correctly work with my pelvic floor during day to day activities. these sessions were very special and allowed me to heal and strengthen my body and also regain my confidence as a woman and mother for the second time.

Mish was the most inspiring, fun and skilled trainer anyone could have.
Thankyou Mish!



I’m not a sporty person. I have only ever done one aerobics class, and it was just like in the movies, where my classmates went one way, and I went the other! Everyone else wore lycra and seemed to know what they were doing.

After having my third baby, a friend mentioned mishfit to me and I decided to try it as it was just around the corner from my house. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying the class!

Mish seems to have created a class with the perfect balance of variety (lots of different activities both from week to week and within the classes themselves I’m never watching the clock, longing for the end of class!); flexibility (you can take your children to class with you); hard work (you really feel you’ve had a work out without it being exhausting); personalisation (although it’s a group class, you can work at your own level and get plenty of one-to-one help if you need it) and friendliness (I never feel self conscious about my clothes (no lycra required!) or my lack of co-ordination!)

After only 4 classes my posture and energy levels had noticeably improved even other people commented on it! These are things which I’ve tried for years to improve and I was amazed that it was so simple.

As for my pelvic floor well, let’s just say that 2 classes a week where I’m constantly reminded to exercise it has made a huge difference!

I’ve also tried the power plate which was a great work out in only half an hour I really felt I’d worked my body and is something I plan to continue with after I’ve finished this term of classes.

I thoroughly recommend mishfits to anyone who would like to take some time to increase their fitness, lose some weight and/or work on their core strength and pelvic floor in a friendly, motivating environment. It’s great to meet other mums from the area, and be able to exercise without any worry about who will look after the baby. Michelle is enthusiastic, energetic and caring and I thank her for making exercise approachable and achievable to one who had all but given up on getting fit!!



I too cannot recommend mishfit highly enough. I have attended both the classes and Power-Plate training and have found both to be excellent.

I have struggled to commit to exercise my whole adult life (all twenty-plus years of it!) and mishfit is the first exercise class I have been motivated to make a regular commitment to. It is completely non-intimidating and welcoming to all women at all levels of fitness. Mish’s expertise in prenatal and post-birth exercise means her classes are safe, supportive and challenging all at once. Not to mention fun!

I have particularly appreciated Mish’s excellent referral network of support services. The physio Mish recommended to me worked with Mish to ensure that I have had great post-birth recovery after two births that involved significant damage. I was so impressed that there was an open channel of communication between Mish and the physio that meant both were able to tailor programs for me that sped up my recovery and made permanent improvements to my health.

Also, have I mentioned how excellent Mish is with children?! This is a key factor in making this exercise class accessible to me. The children are so well entertained by the toys, each other and Mish that I am able to enjoy my workout in relative peace. Mish doesn’t bat an eyelid at the crumbs that spread across the floor from all the preschooler snacks, or the grizzling babies, or the mums breastfeeding on their exercise balls. This is a truly kid-friendly space, which liberates mums to properly commit to the classes.

I have a shameful history of abandoned gym memberships and forfeited exercise classes behind me… but I would not consider not attending Mishfit these days. The classes have become a regular, even compulsory, part of the fabric of my life, exactly the kind of exercise habit I have been trying to cultivate for years.

Basically, highly recommended!



My name is Maryann Perri.
I made a promise to my self that after having my 3rd baby, I would take care of myself and get my body back into shape. Mothers spend so much time and energy on our children, but what we need to understand is that our children need us for basic survival. So, we need to take care of our selves in order to take care of them. Even if it is 1 hr a week, your kids will thank you and so will your body.
My maternity and child health nurse referred me to Michelle Wright (Mish) and after that initial phone call, I felt that my life was heading in the right direction. I decided to see Mish for personal training, since I knew that I would like the one on one contact and I felt that I needed the motivation.
When I went to see Mish, she asked me many questions about my health and past history and then asked me what I wanted to achieve. For me, I wanted a flat tummy, wanted to lose weight and wanted to be toned especially in my upper body.
What I loved about Mish is that she really understood my needs and understood that I had 3 kids under 4 yrs of age. It was always up to me when I wanted to see her and there was never that expectation for me to see her more often. Also, to prevent muscle soreness, she gives ladies a massage after the work out on the power plate and gives me them a magnesium drink. This was so important to me since, I couldn’t afford to go home and be unable to hold my 5 month old baby.
She then did measurements on me, I weighed 71.3kg at the time and wanted to be 65kg (I really wanted to be 60kg, but Mish thought that 60kg would be harder to maintain, so 65kg was my aim).

Then came the challenging task of understanding pelvic floor exercises. To me, Mish and I were not connecting, I felt that she was talking another language and I didn’t really know how to do pelvic floor exercises. I didn’t know how it was meant to feel like and to tell you the truth, I wanted her to have special eyes so she could see how I was doing them.

Mish referred me to see a physiotherapist, I just saw her once and she did an ultrasound on my bladder and saw how I was doing my pelvic floor exercises, basically it is like holding your bladder so you can’t wee, but I found it hard to hold it for a long time especially when standing due to gravity. So I had to work on my endurance.
The physiotherapist emailed the report to Mish and they discussed the findings on the phone.

At the start of my personal training session, Mish would sit me on the ball and at the same time I had to lift my body up and had to contract my pelvic floor muscles. This was very difficult for me since I felt that when I was doing my pelvic floor exercises, I couldn’t do another exercise at the same time and I kept on breathing in and couldn’t breathe out until I turned blue in the face. Then when I said to Mish that it was too hard to do the pelvic floor exercises and sit on the ball at the same time, she would question me about it, but that was ok. I felt that we were going to meet up on the same path one day. This gave me more incentive to try harder.

I then would go on the power plate, which I loved, it was hard work and my poor sensitive thighs would always ache like hell but Mish pushed and pushed. This is what I loved about personal training, I needed that extra motivation.
About 6 weeks later, I felt that I was getting results, I could do my pelvic floor exercises in combination with other exercises and I could do them standing up.
I also developed the skill of breathing normally while doing them.
I now weigh 65.4kg and have lost 9cm from my waist. I still need to improve on my pelvic floor exercises but I feel that I have come such a long way with Mish.

For all those ladies out there who want to lose weight and change their body shape please see Mish and trust what she says, she never made me feel silly for thinking about why I found it so hard to do my pelvic floor exercises, she just would question me about it what it was that I wanted to achieve. Mish will always try her best to work with you. She truly knows her stuff. To make it easier which I think is very important to women is that she is a very lovely, caring and compassionate person who will always strive to achieve your goals. Can’t thank you enough Mish, but its not over yet!



I attend mishfit one on one personal training and have been a client for four years. I now also use the Power Plate trainer. I cannot recommend Mish highly enough. I have found her professional and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness, especially women’s health. Her experience in fitness evolves from her own personal journey and this means that she can relate to my fitness challenges on a personal level.

I love that she offers several options for training and although I don’t have young children anymore I love the idea that you can attend a group fitness class with your children. I wish this option had been around when my girls were small. This provides a great way for new mums to get back into regular exercise. The one on one training that I have chosen is flexible so that I can fit my training into my busy schedule which means that I don’t miss out on regular exercise!



Finding mishfit changed my life… sounds far fetched I know, but it’s true. I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years and I have total confidence in the expert advice and training I recieve, not to mention a lot of fun!

Finding a training regime that really suits a working mother is not easy, but mishfit ticks all the boxes. I cannot recommend this business highly enough – thanks mishfit.

Pelvic Floor Movement and Recovery Program at mishfit HQ

If you would like to know more about the process of the Pelvic Floor Movement and Recovery Program – check out this infographic:

Pelvic Floor Movement& Recovery Program

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mishfit HQ is located in Pascoe Vale South, Melbourne.


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