That was then, this is now…

That was then...

That was then, this is now…

That was then...

On the weekend, I went on a date with my husband to the footy. I have never been interested in the footy at all, but since the Women’s AFL league has been introduced, I am hooked!

And I snapped this selfie for Facebook while waiting for the game to start.
mish at footy

My husband, Mark and I having a date at the footy!

Early the next morning, Facebook shared a memory with me.

Taken 7 years ago when I had not long turned 40. My bestie – Rach and I travelled home to New Zealand for the weekend, to celebrate our friend’s 4oth. Krissy lives at the beautiful Mount Maunganui and this is me walking with her daughter to go for a swim.


Walking with Hattie to the beach – Mish aged 40

 I look at this photo and it is hard not to see myself as so young!

I did not even need glasses! And it is moments like these, when the changes in my body which is now going into menopause (which I wrote about here), are just so obvious!

Although I had recently turned 40, I still felt years younger and had not significantly felt any change in my body from my mid – 30’s. I foolishly thought that this would never change!

And it is so easy to fall into the trap of lamenting your past body.

Taryn brumfitt

At the 2014 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, we had Taryn Brumfitt as our keynote speaker. Taryn’s story and now her documentary Embrace, have had a huge impact on Body Positivity both here in Australia and around the world.

And I will never forget her sharing about her brother dying of a heroin overdose while he was in his early twenties and how this had impacted on her attitude about aging. She said, “Ageing is a Privilege that is denied to many”

This was echoed on the mishfit Facebook page – where this post received many, many comments:

diane rees

I looked back on both of these photos. My smile has not changed. Nor my laughter, nor my joy in spending time with people I love.

Then I thought about myself in 7 years time.

In a parallel universe I pop a photo on Facebook sharing an experience. I will be 53. Perhaps I will be 100% through the other side of menopause!

And perhaps Facebook will throw back a memory of my weekend just past.

And perhaps I will look at that photo and think just how “ young” I looked in 2017.

Enjoy your body today. Celebrate what it can do. Honour it with movement and good food. Be mindful of stress. Laugh and enjoy life.

 enjoy your body

Your older self will thank you for it.

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