The girls are good!

The girls are good!

The girls are good!

The girls are good!

There is one thing that I hate more than swimsuit shopping.

And that is bra shopping.

From lots of bra shopping experience, I have concluded that I simply have unruly breasts. They like to hang out closer to my arm pits and now thanks to age, gravity and children, my belly button.



My best breast experience, if I can be honest, was in the late 80’s…. not only were the girls much perkier and attentive but I had fantastic aerobic wear which consisted of a black full body lycra suit, covered with an equally squishing second layer, the leotard*. And yes of course it was a g-string. With the girls battened down, I could step and grapevine to my hearts content. But alas, both the fashion and my breasts of yesteryear are now just a memory.**

When I could no longer tolerate the end of the day deep flesh bites and the mono-boob of my current sports bra situation I knew I had to enlist the help of a professional.


Tish from She Science owns a store dedicated to keeping women active by supporting their breasts.



Tish with what would end up being the BRA OF MY DREAMS!

Tish started out as a podiatrist and recognised that where she would spend up to 30 minutes per client making sure their feet were well matched to their shoes,  there was not nearly the same level of care given to breasts. Tish, who had a breast reduction in her late teens, intimately understood the negative impact of an unsupported bosom on an active girls’ life.

I warned Tish from the start that I was a difficult client. I had a drawer full of bra’s and the best thing about all of them, was removing them at the end of the day. I have bounced from department to lingerie store, being “professionally” fitted each time, only to have the notion confirmed that my breasts were firmly lodged in the special needs department. Most times, I bought the bra that did not fully serve my needs, but was simply the best on offer.


It was Trish’s job to find a bra that not only fully supported my girls, but also lifted and separated them. I learned that cleavage and bulging over the top of your bra was not good for them and the majority of the support was to come from the band around your chest, not the straps over your shoulder.


Tish also has an option to check out breast displacement during activity. (For the lay breast, this is how much bounce there is). In order to work out how a bra worked under pressure, a dot sticker is placed onto the nipple of each bra and then I went for a run on a treadmill. My chest was filmed and we were able to watch that pleasingly, my undisciplined girls moved together in the appropriate figure 8 movement.

It was also very easy to see the difference each bra had on the movement variance.

From there is was an easy match of

  1.  what supported me best (breast displacement- follow the dot!)
  2.  comfort and of course for me,
  3.  colour!

It turned out that I actually had a pick of bra’s to choose from! Hand on heart, this has never happened before!


Tish calls this the trifecta of comfort, confidence and performance!

The nitty gritty of She Science Magic:

  • My bra cost me $110 and now all my details are stored on file (eg: size and other bra’s that were also a good match). Unless I have a size change, I can now just order on line. I am now on their mailing list and will certainly be making the most of their sales!
  • The professional bra fitting was free. This took around 30 minutes and the breast displacement test on the treadmill is completely optional, but super fascinating
  • I learned to ignore the size on the label, as each bra brand had their own sizing quirks
  • Bearing your bits in mirror, on video and in front of another person can make you feel vulnerable and open to self-criticism. Tish shared with me that building self esteem through education and well fitting bra’s was an essential part of her role because all women, no matter their body fat percentage, age or size were susceptible to self loathing. Out of respect to her professionalism, I found it easier to dismiss the negative thoughts I had and rejoice that I had not one, but 3 bra options and they were not beige!
  • 80% of support should come from rib cage band and that shoulder straps were merely there for stability. Flesh marks from bra straps are a key indicator that your bra is ill-fitting
  • Underwire vs. non-underwire is completely about shape. Underwire may give the girls a rounded look, but offer no less or no more support than a non-underwire bra. It is all about fit, comfort and personal preference
  • If you wear your bra 3 times per week, you should not start to see wear and tear for approximately 10 months, but it will only stop supporting you when your size changes or it completely wears out. This is not always the case for your el-cheapo bra’s.

I could not wait to take my bra out of the tissue and wear it the next day and see if it really did live up to the all-day, all-terrain road test. And all I can say is “happy dance, happy dance!”

The outcome?

No breast pancake meant air under my breast, which meant not so much breast sweat.

(A bother to all big breasted women)

And at the end of the day I was not gagging to fling my bra off at the first opportunity. Instead, when I did remove it, my flesh was free of bra bite marks!

I will be making another order online, so that I can finally bin once and for all my unsightly, unloved and uncomfortable bra’s that clog my drawer!


*Leg warmers were over rated, but head band a must. Reebok airs had to be saved up for.

** I have no photos of me in said active wear, because standing in front of the mirror taking a photo of myself and then getting that film developed and picking up the photos a week later, would have just been down right embarrassing.

If you would like to go and have a session with Tish or her team at She Science you can find them at one of Melbourne’s most central locations: Cotham Road, Kew. You don’t need to make an appointment – just rock right up!

There is ample free 1hr & 2hr parking on Cotham Rd. And is on the 109 tram route, 120m east from stop 36.

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  • Angela28 July 2016

    Hey Mish, Great article!! You don’t need to bin your old bras. Drop them into She Science and look up the Uplift Project. The can be reused!

    • mish28 July 2016

      Oh, thank you Angela… even better… I will!

  • Jane28 July 2016

    Thank you Mish! What a great reading piece. I must get down there and I am ‘top heavy’ and LOATE bra shopping! If I find one that’s ok – I buy 3 of them just so I don’t have to do it again until they’re threadbare (or they’ve stretched so much I think that my boobs have shrunk…not so lucky). xx

  • Mishfit | Women’s Health and Fitness Summit 201621 September 2016

    […] *** She Science were the amazing sponsors to the Opening Ceremony. Kerryn Harvey is an Ambassador for She Science and they have fitted both Kerryn and myself with ah-mazing bra’s. You can read about that experience here […]

  • Louise14 January 2017

    Loved the article (very funny). She Science offers a great service.

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