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The Platform WHFS18

The Platform

The Platform WHFS18

What is The Platform?

The Platform is I believe, one of my proudest moments. It is also completely unique to my event, the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

The Platform is an opportunity for new presenters to be nurtured and mentored. The Platform fast-tracks presenting careers.

What’s the WHY behind The Platform?

When you super passionate about your work, it is natural that you want to share this. Along with your knowledge and your skills, with others. Every piece of business advice confirms this is excellent for both you and your brand.

But where do you go and how do you do it? Where do these opportunities exist?

The truth is that it is really, really difficult to find these opportunities.

We have all been to presentations where the presenter is both knowledgeable and passionate about their area of expertise, but READ FROM A TEXT HEAVY POWERPOINT. They lack the skills to engage meaningful with the audience.

For me, this is one of the biggest crimes in the presenting world.

Why? Because every single person is busy reading the Power Point rather than being engaged with information. Or worse, they may even be thinking – I know how to read – you could have sent this to me in an email! I want to learn… please engage with me and teach me.

The catch – 22 is that you need lots of presenting experience to become skilled in this area. These, as previously stated, are just not that plentiful. Presenting opportunities should not be wasted on learning to be a skilled and engaging presenter.

When we have so few clear, research based and reliable health messages for women – it is important that we never waste these precious opportunities to gift our knowledge and passion with our audiences.

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How does it work?

The Platform application is forwarded to you simply by emailing me. It is important that you read this document fully and carefully. It has a whole page dedicated to tips to helping get your application through to the final judging round. You need to fill out the application and make a 2 min video that gives us a taster of your knowledge and passion.

The closing date for sending the application form and the video is Friday 25th May at 5pm.

There is no cost to apply to The Platform*

However, do not under-estimate the amount of work and time you will need to commit if you are one of the four chosen.

Over the years, we have worked very hard to refine the process of taking women with a dream of delivering a polished 20 minutes on stage, to a reality. We know that your journey to the stage will be a roller coaster of emotion. From self doubt to jubilation. We know that you will underestimate the amount of hours that we put into you and what you have to do to match this.

*If you are one of the four chosen – then there is a fee of $350 payable to go towards the mentoring that you will receive.

All T’s & C’s are out lined in The Platform Application

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Is it worth it?

Personally, it is one of my favourite sessions at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit. But this is what other’s have had to say about their experience:

I was fortunate to be part of the platform in 2017. It was an empowering experience that assisted me from a budding idea for a presentation into a fully fledged flower. The support and guidance enabled me to ride a logical and enlightening presentation that reached the hearts of my audience. The peer support and constant feedback developed my abilities as a speaker/presenter so that I could speak fluently and meaningfully on the day. I highly recommend that others apply for The Platform as it is a life changing experience.

Renee originally applied for The Platform in 2017, but we believed her story needed to be part of the Opening Ceremony. Renee is the only sight impaired Pilates Stott trainer in the whole world… But this is not what Renee presented about. Renee spoke about her health altering condition that also affects millions of women, is prevalent in the fitness industry, yet rarely talked about. Renee spoke of her battle with anorexia.


Renee attended her first Women’s Health and Fitness Summit in 2016 – where she received a BRAVE award for the commitment she showed to empower herself with education. Renee wanted to attend because she only works with women, and like many of our delegates, just could not find the information that she wanted at other conferences.

Renee attended all The Platform training via Skype (Renee lives in New Zealand) and dedicated many hours to crafting a presentation. It did not leave a dry eye in the house.

You can watch Renee’s amazing story here:

Click here to read more personal testimonials and see the video’s from previous Platform Presenters.

Where to after The Platform?

Well that is completely up to you.

For many it has given them the courage to apply for more presenting opportunities.

For all it has given them the confidence to know that their message will not only be engaging to their audience; but will also be remembered.

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Email me at to receive your application form today!

Founder & Director of mishfit(1)

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