War On Waste And How To Save Money

War on Waste& How to Save Money(1)

War On Waste And How To Save Money

War on Waste& How to Save Money(1)

The War On Waste has been a bit of TV hit and it really shone a spot light on how we can all make small changes that significantly add up. I believe there are ways we can both help the environment and allow us to save money.

As a busy family of 6, I am acutely aware how our rubbish mounts up. And when we put our bins out on the nature strip each week, this rubbish does not magically disappear. In fact it would even seem that Australia’s recycling industry is not even doing it’s job properly.

Saving on what we throw out not only positively impacts on our environment, but also on our back pocket. I know I am not alone in juggling family finances… mortgage, school expenses, sporting fees, groceries… it can be quite stressful to make ends meet.

Recently, I have had to look carefully at everything we spend our money on and when you forced to economise, it is really amazing how these small changes add up…not only on your budget, but the size of your rubbish bag at the end of the week.

I would like to feature 3 products. These companies have not paid me to endorse them, but I just think they are great and I think you might enjoy knowing about them too! However, because I love their products so much, I have asked each company to donate to our #30prizesin30days for the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit – and they have generously agreed.

Details at the end of this blog on how you can win!

rethink NZ eco bads

1. Reusable fresh produce bags

I discovered Rethink Reusable fresh produce bags via my friend Megan in New Zealand. We went shopping for dinner and not only did she bring her own shopping bags, but she also brought her own fruit and veg bags. I was in awe and she told me that they are designed by a local company from Certified Organic, unbleached Indian cotton. Time was of the essence and I didn’t have time to order them online and have them delivered before I returned to Melbourne. So I rang the company… and to cut a long story short, in typical kiwi manner, the woman who owned the business physically dropped my order off to me!

It did take a little time to get used to NOT using the flimsy throw away bags in the fresh fruit and veg section of the supermarket. These bags also encourage you to buy from the unpackaged baskets of fruit and veg. But if I do have to buy pre-packaged fruit or veg, once I have paid for it, I simply remove the produce and put into my eco-bags and leave ALL the packaging at the supermarket recycle containers.

My shopping basket ends up looking like this:

my shopping basket

(I leave ALL plastic packaging at the supermarket for them to recycle)

Every time I do this, I reduce my waste at my end and I am sending a message to the Supermarket to stop doing this ridiculous and unnecessary packaging of our fruit and veg!

And recently I even signed this petition:


(Click here to add your signature to this!)

2. Deodorant for the whole house

If you also have teenagers in your house… you will understand the absolute need for deodorant. Scarily, their bedrooms go from small child smells to gagging smells that infiltrates their clothes, their bedding and even it would seem, the walls!

Traditional deodorant from the super-market is expensive (I have 4 teenagers!), lasts only a milli-second and quickly fills up my rubbish bin, because the packaging is un-recyclable. I also have concerns about the traditional ingredient of aluminium in deodorant being linked to breast cancer I have always felt uncomfortable using these products – or giving them to my children.

Last year’s Women’s Health and Fitness Summit we had Three Mamas give away sample size of their organic deodorant that uses natural ingredients and NO aluminium.

The biggest question is that is this stuff POWERFUL

enough to combat the smell of teenage stink?

So I gave this product the ultimate test – I gave each of the boys of my son’s basketball team a sample left over from WHFS… and the news is good!

max and locky

(My son Max and his team mate Locky who put this deodorant to the ultimate test)

The key to using this deodorant paste is to apply it to clean skin. I have educated all my kids to use it as soon as they get out of the shower and I have one container of it in their bathroom, that they all share!

three mamas deodorant unscented

And I have one in my bathroom that I use:

three mamas deodorant lavender

I have learnt from the Three Mamas Instagram that these containers are fully recyclable and made from an Australian carbon neutral company – for extra feel good factors! These deodorants are priced at $13.50 and last for around 3 months… so that represents enormous value for money.

Hand on heart, I can report that I have completely eradicated teenage smell from my home!

3. Cut Out Costly Cleansers

One of the significant ways I have managed to save money is to completely downsize on the amount of products I use on my skin. Women’s cosmetic creams package up a whole lot of hope and I am calling BS on their claims of reducing my wrinkles and returning my skin to that of photo-shopped teenager.

The reality is, we need to clean our faces without removing all the natural oils and remove our make-up effectively. I have found one product that is ridiculously cheap, does the job and you can recycle it into your compost bin!

konjac fascial sponges

These Konjac sponges are made from 100% vegetable fibre. And I leave mine in the shower and use it on my face instead of the expensive cleaners that I use to buy.

I buy these sponges for a great price of $8 and my ONLY facial cream from Ecology Skincare, which just like Three Mamas are both local Melbourne businesses.

three mamas moisturiser 10ml beautiful

For full and effective eye make-up removal  (mascara especially) – I use a little bit of this Three Mama’s Beautiful skin oil on a cotton pad that 100% effectively removes mascara without pulling at my eye skin. It is made of organic jojoba, hemp, rose-hip and lavender oils and is incredibly hydrating. And a very little goes a very long way. And is a lot cheaper that the eye creams that I use to fool myself with!

Be A Winner Too!

The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit has traditionally given a whole bunch of door prizes in our #30prizesin30days and this year is no different.

However, we are organising it a little differently this year! If you have not bought your ticket yet – then purchasing it in September will mean you will be in the draw to win a different prize each day. Buy your ticket to the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit on the day of the prize you want, and if YOU win it – your prize will be waiting for you when we see you on the 28th & 29th of October – at the Grand Hyatt (where the WHFS is being held this year)

To see the full line up of presenters and time-table – click here

To purchase your ticket to the event – Click here

Keep looking on Facebook and Instagram and sign up to our newsletter to find out what day the prize you would like to win is going to feature. We have a whole range of prizes and they will look like this!

9Ecology Skincare are giving away a Daily Moisturiser and a sponge – Valued at $58!


I have 2 packs of these reusable fresh produce bags from ReThink NZ – that is 3 X small bags and 3 X large bags… and perfect for a family!


And a small bottle of Beautiful Skin Oil from Three Mamas. But if you are interested in their other products… you will be able to see them at the Trade Hall as part of the event!

The trade show at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit will be filled with other great business’s that I know you will love as much as me… and is just another reason to come and join us!

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