Whole Body Vibration… Yes 30 minutes makes a huge difference!

Whole BodyVibration...whats the deal_

Whole Body Vibration… Yes 30 minutes makes a huge difference!

Whole BodyVibration...whats the deal_

We have come to believe that exercise needs to be done in hour-long chunks and we need to have fairly sore muscles post- work out to prove our diligence. And where neither of these things is wrong when it comes to exercising, it does not always have to be the case.  And Whole Body Vibration training is testament to this.

We can get a fantastic work out in half an hour. And we can get muscular change without having to endure a long and painful recovery time. Both of these things are optimal for training mothers, who are often time poor and need to be able to lift their baby post-workout! Throw into the mix a way of contracting your pelvic floor with every exercise and you will start to see why I am so passionate about power plate.


But is it all sales hype, you ask?

Power plate originated from NASA to help astronauts in space who, because of lack of gravity, were returning to earth with shocking loss of bone density.

In a basic physics lesson of Force = mass X acceleration, instead of adding mass (like weights in a traditional training session) it increases the acceleration factor of this equation from the vibration of the plate. This equates to joints not being so stressed out and much more intense workouts. Power plate has been medically recognised, which means independent studies have backed up their claims. And here is a list of them.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

So what does power plate achieve in your work-out?

Weight loss – reduces body fat and enhances metabolism

Cellulite Reduction – diminishes the appearance of cellulite

Builds bone density – prevents bone density loss related to aging

Alleviates pain – promotes faster recovery of damager muscles and tendons, decreases pain and improves joint function.

Circulation – improved and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardio vascular system

Flexibility – increases range of motion, co-ordination, balance and stability

Strength – improves muscle tone, builds explosive power and endurance


Whole Body Vibration Training and your pelvic floor

But, the one reason we really love that about whole body vibration training… and you wont necessarily read on any sales material, is what you feel while you are standing on the plate and performing exercises. When working on the plate you feel your pelvic floor working! Because of the nature of the vibration, the pelvic floor and consequently your Transverse abdominal muscle (the ones responsible for giving you a flatter belly) have no choice but to contract. These muscles switch on without having be to reminded.

We are also able to use the vibration to relax your pelvic floor if it is over-tight as well.

As mishfit personal trainers who are passionate about pelvic floor, this is an incredibly helpful tool when working with clients with both de-conditioned or over-active pelvic floor.

Yes, but does it really work?

Well, we think it does… and our clients tell me that they find it really effective as well.

And here is some research that backs it up as well!

Our clients say things like:

“My pelvic floor is going banana’s right now!”

“It feels like a cheats work out, but I can feel that my muscles have worked”

“The 30 minute sessions really work for me”

Whole Body Vibration Training workouts are quick, incredibly intense but safe for our clients. At mishfit we love this whole different philosophy to training. Every client has different training goals and we are able to tailor the 30 minute work out for them and their specific needs.


We believe that there is no other single tool that is effective for training post-natal women. Of course, football clubs use them, some gyms and a heap of celebrities, but we am passionate about training pregnant and post-natal women safely (sorry, but power plate is not suitable for pregnancy!) and we believe that this single piece of equipment, and our accompanying program achieves this.

Feel the difference!

However, the most effective way to see or feel if it really works, is to have a go yourself… because no amount of talking about it equates to the understanding that comes from the experience of whole body vibration.

Are you interested to try for yourself?

Be warned, it is a completely different approach to training!


And yes, 30 minutes is all you need!

At mishfit HQ, Angela runs the 30 minute sessions… And I work exclusively with the mishfit Movement and Recovery Program. This program has been designed specifically for women who are experiencing incontinence, pelvic pain or prolapse.

mishfit® Movement and Recovery Program – how it works:

Pelvic Floor Movement& Recovery Program

For more details contact Mish for mishfit HQ, located in Pascoe Vale South by calling 1300 mishfit 1300 6474 348

to discuss how I can help you!

Founder & Director of mishfit

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Angela is a Power Plate trained mishfit Trainer and works out of mishfit HQ too!

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