Content is Queen

content isQueen

Content is Queen

content isQueen

Have you noticed the amount of sponsored stories that are on everyday news sites?

And it usually comes from Big Brands. Sometimes the link might seem quite tenuous – and it certainly does not feel like we are being sold to. And that is because we aren’t. We can learn a thing or two from big business… and the most important thing, beside the fact that most people hate being sold to, is that before anyone parts with their money for goods or services there needs to be a decent measure of trust.

Know, Like and Trust

Our prospective clients and consumers need to know, like and trust us before they decide to do a happy dance with us. Having regular written (or visual) content is undeniably the most effective way to invite our would be clients and customers to dance with us in a digital world.

However, there is a caveat on this. We cannot churn out any rubbish and expect this to create a loyal and loving relationship. We must be authentic and we must be generous with our knowledge and we ABSOLUTELY must be regular.

Regular and authentic

And I know what you are thinking…. I am already doing so much in my business… I don’t have time to write a blog or article each week / fortnight / month and keep up with social media and do everything else I need to do with running my business.

My message to you, is that you can not afford NOT to. However, the good news is that there are easy ways to write authentically to your target audience, regularly and learn a strategy to implement into your other communications and social media.

Why trust me?

Now, you might think that this is an unusual blog for me to post on mishfit… but I know many of my tribe here are  fitness professionals running their own businesses or they are other professionals, who also run a small business.

My skills as a teacher and my 15 years running mishfit means that I have learnt a thing or two and I can help you write regular and authentic content for your blog or website.

Why not join me on Saturday 19th August for a day of learning, writing and delicious food in Coorpooroo, Brisbane!

Interested? Email me here

Spots very limited!

Next date- Sat 18th Feb


Founder & Director of mishfit

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