Scent of life

The eyes have it,but the nose, knows

Scent of life

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When I first met Angela, I looked deep into her eyes and knew her to be a wise healer.

Angela helped me through some difficult times, as well as helping to create the signature scent used in the 2015 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit #NURTURE and again to take the wonderful stories of #BRAVE inhale them and make them our own at the 2016 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

And I wish that I could right now, reader, dab some of this scent into your palms, so that you could rub clockwise and then cup your nose and breath deep and then ask you… how does this make you feel?

Angela has a gift.

She can distill your hopes, your fears, your feelings… your YOU!

I would love you to know Angela better, so I asked her some questions:

How did you get into aromatherapy?
In the beginning, it was out of pure intrigue over the subject of biblical anointing oils like frankincense, myrrh and spikenard used for prayer and healing. 10 years ago it never crossed my mind that I would be blending and bottling oils one day or using them to coach clients. What I discovered was the oils had therapeutic benefits and they were more than nice smelling things. So this discovery took me on a journey that eventually resulted in me becoming a certified clinical Aromatherapist.


(Read this article here about Fragrance being the new second- hand smoke)

Also, at that time I became enlightened about all the dangerous chemical compounds hidden in store bought, celebrity endorsed perfumes and how they can be endocrine disrupters and cause neuro toxicity. I was a perfume junkie before that. That got me into researching about these oils and studying about them more and more on how to use them effectively. I have always been involved in coaching and training so it was a natural progression to integrate aromatherapy into my coaching practice whether it is to build self-esteem or create a signature brand or using them to focus and de-stress.

Introducing aromatherapy into my sessions has had a profound positive impact.

Describe how you create scents for people
It is all about distilling and capturing the essence and energy of the individual so I can bottle it for them. It begins with an in depth questionnaire and assessment where I delve into finding out their preference, personality as well as physical attributes such as the colour, texture, tone and movement of the individual.


Then other times it could be a blend created with intention and purpose for an event or business which is to evoke a feeling or make a statement or induce an ambience that they choose to have – think of a logo with an olfactory experience.

Creating a scent is both science and art combined with deeper insights about the individual wanting the blend. It is a collaborative effort and at the same time a blend is intentional, intuitive and spiritual.

It is such a unique and one-of-a kind experience.


Do specific scents achieve specific things? Can you give some examples?
Yes, scents evoke memory and feelings. It can alter one’s mood and energy. A little bit like colour (I am also a personal colour consultant) but scent is more powerful as it bypasses reasoning. So for eg, peppermint has a delicious sharp and fresh scent it is great in promoting focus and energy. Lavender on the other hand is a lot softer with floral undertones so its relaxing and calming. Cinnamon has strong spicy scent and is very uplifting and produces a positive vibe when diffused. Essential oils are biospiritual energy so they can uplift the emotions, produce mental focus, keep you connected spiritually and enhance and support physical wellbeing.

The eyes have it,but the nose, knows

Favourite quote
They eyes have it, but the nose knows ….

What is your favourite scent?
This is difficult to answer because – it is like asking a mother who is your favourite child?…is it Rose? Lily? Frank(incense)? or Sandy(alwood)?

Ok! A combination of spicy florals would have to be my preferred blend.

Signature Scent

Thank you Angela!

You can find out more about Angela on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on her website

Why not work with Angela and have a scent created for you, which is you…?

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