Written Words Of Influence Workshop Comes To Brisbane!

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Written Words Of Influence Workshop Comes To Brisbane!

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I am so excited to be bringing my

Words Of Influence Writing Workshop

to Brisbane in August!

Over the course of my business life, I have set up many small businesses via my franchises, invested in educating myself and experienced lots of trial and error in the online space! Through these experiences, I have learnt how to blog regularly and authentically. My blogs are read by thousands of people and many tell me that they feel like I am writing personally to them.

That is not by accident. It is by design. I know who my audience is and what they are interested in.

Chances are you are reading this right now, because you not only relate to me, but trust what I have to say. And this is important in a busy, noisy and crowded online space.

In my previous career as a teacher, my favourite subject to teach was writing. I loved taking non-writers (who tell themselves that) to writing regularly and authentically. It has made sense to take my love of business, social media and writing and teach what I know in easy to follow steps.

Oh, and I have always loved cooking from scratch!

Food from WOI workshop

There are many people who know many things about writing, social media and SEO – but from experience I know few of them know how to teach.

How you learn:

Think about the last course that you have been on and ask yourself these questions. Did they:

  • make sure you were moving regularly?
  • provide good air flow and light?
  • provide food that was conducive to learning?
  • keep everyone on task and keep to time?
  • provide an overview with objectives so you knew that you were getting everything you were promised?
  • made it personal to your needs?

The most amazing information in the world, is pretty useless if we do not maximise our ability to learn it.

My promise to you is that my Written Words of Influence will provide all of this. And if not – I will give you your money back.

My dedication to your learning is why I choose to run this workshop with just a small group of entrepreneurs at a time and cook for you!

Here is a what Andrea had to say about her experience:

I found the one day ‘Words of Influence’ workshop gave me a really great understanding of who, how and why my social media & online audience would connect with me and what my business offers (& an exciting future workshop I am working on with another small business to present later this year).

Being good at your craft is one thing, but I realise more and more micro business’s must create ways to connect the dots and entice people to trust you and want what you have to offer on a personal authentic level.

Mish being great at this herself, unmasks simple steps to achieve this and a process anyone with passion for what they do can use.

I have posted my first blog which was our task for the day, but also now have a plan to follow for future strategies and moving forward in my APT Personal Training & Portable Pilates business.

I would recommend anyone needing guidance, insight & a process to do this course.

Ps. Mish feeds you with delicious food made with love too.

Thanks Mish

What you learn:

The small business owners and/or blog enthusiasts who have attended this workshop in the past, have these things in common. They:

  • want to improve their ranking on google (SEO) but are not sure how
  • want to start a blog, but feel intimidated by the blank page or have a blog, but are not writing regularly
  • don’t feel confident about their writing skills or voice
  • feel like social media has morphed into something that is overwhelming (and getting very little traction for their effort)
  • are lacking an overall strategy for their blog / SEO / social media
  • have a million questions that they have just not been able to find one source to answer them all!

Today, I am very excited to share that I will be running

my next Written Words of Influence Workshop in Brisbane!

The table is limited to 5 people. The location is Coorparoo and the cost is $175

And it will be first in, first serve!

Next date- Sat 18th Feb

To secure your spot – email me today

Founder & Director of mishfit

If you would like to read more about this workshop – click on the images below!


content isQueen

And check out the menu in this blog… that was served on one of the WOI workshop days:

Frenchinspiredlunch ideas for the family

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